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Directly Supported By BA EVOS at MPL, Wannn Reveals Impact!

Directly Supported By BA EVOS at MPL, Wannn Reveals Impact!

EVOS Legends finally succeeded in breaking a series of defeats after successfully conquering Alter Ego again with the same score as the first round, 2-1.

Interestingly, the team itself was directly supported by EVOS Esports Brand Ambassadors who were especially present to the MPL Arena.

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This presence certainly affected the performance of EVOS Legends, which succeeded in securing a victory on the first day of week 6 of MPL ID Season 9.

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Wannn admits BA EVOS made an impact

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Even though it doesn’t help directly, interestingly EVOS Wannn revealed that the presence of EVOS Esports Brand Ambassadors had an impact on EVOS Legends’ performance today.

This was directly expressed by EVOS Wannn after his victory over Alter Ego in week 6 of MPL ID Season 9.

“Yes, shouting them is cute, so it makes you excited,” said Wannn after being directly supported by all EVOS Esports Brand Ambassadors

This expression is certainly not an exaggeration, considering that the EVOS Esports Brand Ambassadors always provide support throughout the match.

Until finally Wannn CS succeeded in packing a victory that made EVOS Legends even more solidify its position in the middle of the MPL ID Season 9 standings.

EVOS Legends itself will still face another fierce match this week, namely against RBL Zion, which had beaten the team in the first round with a score of 2-0.

Of course, with Wannn’s presence, EVOS Legends itself is targeting victory and at the same time taking revenge for its defeat in the first round.

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