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Dark Empire, Adventure Genre NFT Game to be Released this Month

Of the many NFT games that continue to be launched, here is another game. Musketeer Entertainment is now in the gaming world with the adventure genre NFT game, Dark Empire. The game is currently slated to feature PvP and PvE modes, a legion and kingdom battle system, and more that will be added at launch. It will be released on March 29th.

Dark Empire takes place in the world of the Magic Continent, where there are two kingdoms. In one of them, Dark Empire, the main focus of the game, the heroes can be seen fighting each other non-stop. But there is also a sense of solidarity they always strengthen their weapons, waiting for the opportunity to kill their enemies from other kingdoms.

The game also features 33 diversified heroes divided into three classes – Dark Knight, Mage, and Dark Elf, with more being added over time. In addition, different levels such as Abyss, Ares, Altar, Zero, and Warrior will also be present. All of these characters can be leveled up and developed to make them extremely powerful. To help with this, there are two game modes, namely Solo and Team Battle. In Solo mode, players will face each other to move up the ranks. Team Battles will involve exciting 3v3 battles.

Statistics for all battle modes will be collected and there will be weekly rewards for the top ranked players. Around 100 top players will also receive additional rewards. This game comes with EME coins. The developer is also considering implementing measures to ensure the stability of its currency.

Visit the official Dark Empire website for more information.