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Crypto Hacker Axie Infinity Turns Out From North Korea!

The crypto asset hacker in the blockchain-based game Axie Infinity is actually from North Korea, you guys! This news has also been confirmed directly by the party Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

Not long ago, the game Axie Infinity was rumored to have lost the crypto assets that were on its platform. They stated that the incident was caused by irresponsible hackers. Sky Mavis, as the developer of this game, has also reported it to the authorities and demanded that the suspect be punished as severely as possible.

After further investigation, the mastermind behind the theft of crypto assets at Axie Infinity slowly began to be revealed. The FBI believes that the hacker came from North Korea.

FBI Calls Axie Infinity Hacker From North Korea

Through an official statement quoted from CNN, the FBI said that the crypto hackers Axie Infinity were Lazarus Group and APT38. Both must be held accountable for their actions which were carried out on 29 March.

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“Through our investigation, we can confirm Lazarus Group and APT38, a cyber actor linked to the DPRK, were responsible for the reported theft of USD 620 million in Ethereum on March 29,” the FBI wrote.

From this official statement, it can be concluded that the case recently revealed by the FBI is the hacking case that Sky Mavis recently experienced in her game, namely Axie Infinity. At that time, Sky Mavis stated that the game had lost $600 million in crypto assets due to hacker attacks.

Hacker Axie Infinity
Photo: Epost

According to several sources, the Lazarus Group has indeed collaborated with the North Korean government to obtain a source of income from cyber attacks. Some of the money from the theft will go into the state treasury led by Kim Jong Un.

According to a report from Chainlaysis, the Lazarus Group has apparently managed to steal as much as USD 1.75 billion in crypto assets. They have been doing this for the last few years.

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As a result of a series of cases in the cyber world, the US Treasury finally officially sanctioned the Lazarus Group. The witness will focus on digital wallets that are directly connected to cryptocurrencywhich they usually use to carry out their hacking actions.