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Cool, Now Pay Taxi in Venezuela Can Use Crypto!

Now, Venezuelans can pay for the taxi fees that they have ridden using crypto you know! However, the taxi in question is only a Yummy taxi, guys, for other taxis they have not been able to accept payments via cryptocurrency.

Yummy Rides is a company that focuses on online taxi services, which is currently being loved by all levels of Venezuelan society. Because his name is getting more and more famous, Yummy Rides also makes a new breakthrough that will be embedded in its service.

The new breakthrough in question is that Yummy Rides allows passengers to pay taxi fees using crypto currency. Yummy Rides has also collaborated with several related parties to realize this latest innovation.

Yummy Rides, Venezuelan Online Taxi Service that Accepts Payments With Crypto

Reported from Dailycointhis taxi company has been accepting payments using crypto since April 12, 2022 and so far there have been quite a number of passengers who have paid using digital currency.

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Through his official statement, Yummy CEO Vicente Zavrace said that his party is working with Binance Pay, so that all passengers can pay with crypto currency.

“Now you can move with Crypto on Yummy thanks to our new integration with Binance Pay. Driving with stablecoins? Only at Yummy,” explained Zavarce.

Taxi Venezuela Crypto
Photo: Cryptotendencias

However, the only cryptocurrency that can be used by Yummy Rides is the stablecoin Tether (USDT). This is because USDT is one of the most frequently used digital currencies in Venezuela, besides that USDT is claimed to have a value that is not tied to the dollar so that its value is more stable, compared to other cryptocurrencies, such as BTC, ETH and others.

It is known, before using cryptocurrency, this taxi only accepted payments through several financial platforms such as Yappe, Zelle, credit cards, and PayPal.

The launch of the payment method using cryptocurrency This is as a form of concern for Yummy Rides for the voices of its loyal users, who have suggested that these taxis accept payments using cryptocurrencies, following the increasing use of digital currency in Venezuela.

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To pay with crypto, users are required to install the Yummy application which is integrated directly with Binance Pay. Calm down guys, this payment method is not subject to admin fees.