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Constantine Rise of Kingdoms: RoK's Best and Strongest Talent

When it comes to Garrison, this is the commander I rely on in the mid-game, especially KvK Season 2 and Season 3 (LvD). Constantine is indeed worth considering for friends who are confused about choosing Garrison.

He is versatile too, can make Garrison or fight in the open field. Indeed, his duties as a Tank commander will not do much damage, but it is enough to spread buffs to friendly troops and debuffs to enemies.

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Then what is the guide to playing Constantine like? Is he suitable for open field or just Garrison?

Tips for Playing Constantine Rise of Kingdoms

Commander of the Legend Infantry, Constantine is a strong defender in Garrison and the open field, his skills make him an excellent PVP commander, ready for any battle.

Constantine is called Tanky commander, impervious and defensive, his role as a tank is almost impenetrable in any structure he defends, thanks to increased damage, this commander can kill his enemies as long as he maintains his position.

Of course as an Infantry commander, Constantine has strong skills that increase his unit in every aspect, damage/attack and HP (Health) are good main stats for our troops.

Best Build Talent Constantine RoK

I personally use the following Constantine talent tree which is also used by many other players in Rise of Kingdoms when installing it in Garrison.

talent constantine the best skirt indonesia

Defending a structure, city or garrison is not an arbitrary commander’s task, it takes a strong skill and talent capacity, Constantine is one of the commanders dedicated to this task in Rise of Kingdoms.

The skill called “Impasse” will become Constantine’s main skill if we install it in the Garrison. The bonus damage from this skill for our defense is extraordinary, with an extraordinary combination of skill, talent, and commander effectiveness, we will be able to inflict a lot of damage on our enemies in every structure we defend.

In this build, you don’t have to distribute all talents to the Garrison chart for a simple reason, Constantine’s role in the structure is better than being a second commander, being the main one he will need strong talents like “Defense” which increases the resistance of his troop units.

However, in Constantine’s case, the talent “Support” is incredibly useful from a safe defense and needs to prioritize other important aspects of this talent, this way it functions as the main commander as well and deals a lot of damage from the second commander.

The advantages and disadvantages of Constantine RoK

Infantry commander with great defense and attack, ideal for long battles.

His active skills make Constantine a difficult commander to defeat thanks to the high damage reduction he deals to his enemies.

His perfect defense and attack are very effective in whatever form he uses Garrison or Open Field.

He has the best large-scale healing effect in the Rise of Kingdoms game. Able to heal multiple troops at once.

Constantine RoK . Disadvantages and Disadvantages

× Running slow for the open field, this is actually a weakness of Infantry commanders in general and Constantine is no exception.

× He had neither the skills nor the talent for PVE, Constantine was destined to become a PVP commander.

× Does not have active damage skills that can cause direct kills to our enemies.

Combo Pair The Strongest Commander Constantine Pair

Duet Constantine – Charles Martel : One word for this combo: TANK!. Martel is an excellent defense commander both in the open field and in the garrison, his skills and talents make him one of the most powerful tank commanders in Rise of Kingdkms, together with Constantine they will make an even stronger partner. Listen: Charlest Martel Talent Rise of Kingdoms.
Duet Constantine – Richard I : Richard is one of the best options for a duet with Constantine, he has skills that make him a very defensive commander, his skill damage is low, but his stats are pretty tanky. Check: Talent Richard RoK.
Duet Constantine – Wu Zetian : Constantine’s combination with Wu Zetian is one of the strongest in the RoK game when paired as a Garrison, both are commanders who have strong skills and defense, created to fight commanders with high DPS. This duet is mandatory in KvK Season 3. The reason? Try reading: Talent Wu Zetian RoK.

How to Get Commander Constantine RoK

As an exclusive commander that can only be obtained after a kingdom has been formed for more than 120 days, the way to get Constantine Rise of Kingdoms is through the MGE event.

If you are also an F2P player and a Low Spender, then be realistic. Because the sultan in this game will find 1001 ways to win 180 gold statues of Constantine

Even if you just summon Constantine, you can still do it. Just see how: MGE Rise of Kingdoms Guide. We have discussed for F2P and Low Spender in particular.
Another alternative is to get 10 gold statues of Constantine via Card King RoK, but you need Gems. Listen: Farming Tips 242k Gems per my KvK Rise of Kingdoms version.