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Considered The Strongest Team After Patch, Here's RRQ Clay's Response!

Considered The Strongest Team After Patch, Here’s RRQ Clay’s Response!

Mobile Legends has now entered the latest patch, which of course changes the gameplay of several teams in MPL ID Season 9.

One of the teams that is considered to be the strongest team in this patch is RRQ Hoshi who managed to wipe out the victory after the patch was released.

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Interestingly, the team has also just succeeded in bending another team that is considered to be the strongest team in the latest patch, namely AURA Fire.

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RRQ Clay Give Feedback

Photo via MPL ID

After going through a very fierce battle against AURA Fire, RRQ Hoshi finally managed to pack a 2-1 victory over Reza Pahlevi’s team.

This victory certainly strengthens the predicate if RRQ Hoshi is the strongest team after the Mobile Legends patch update.

Until finally one of their mainstay roster, Deden “Clay” Muhammad gave his response regarding the given title.

“When it comes to being strong, the one who learns the fastest will be the strongest,” said Clay after the match against AURA Fire.

This is certainly quite reasonable, considering that each team certainly has the same time in learning the latest patch.

Of course, the speed of learning and adaptation is the difference between the results obtained by each team that competed in MPL ID Season 9.

So, that’s the response from RRQ Clay regarding the performance of RRQ Hoshi who is considered to be the strongest team in the Mobile Legends patch this time.

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