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Claim Awesome Rewards by Redeem FF Code on April 13, 2022!

Claim Awesome Rewards by Redeem FF Code on April 13, 2022!

It’s endless when we talk about having cool item skins in Garena Fire Fire (FF). The reason is, the players are inseparable from a series of existing skins.

However, to get a skin sometimes players have to spend a lot of diamonds. In fact, it can reach thousands to tens of thousands of diamonds in a spin event.

So, many players find it difficult to get skins on Free Fire, considering that most Free Fire players are filled by the teenage age group, where they do not yet have independent finances.

For that, Free Fire provides several ways so that players can get skins for free. Among them by participating in free events to exchanging redeem codes.

If you are looking for the latest FF redeem code to be exchanged on April 13, 2022, here are the codes you can use!

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FF Redeem Code 13 April 2022

Redeem Code FF Pink BTS Wing Bag

Indonesian Servers

  • FF11 MB2C 3DTG

Gloo Wall


  • FF9M J31C XKRG
  • FFCO 8BS5 JW2D

Loot Box Crate

  • Q4QU 4GQG E5KD
  • TFF9 VNU6 UD9J
  • 9BYD PUM5 WK6Z
  • 2BEM BE4T XU4P
  • PK95 JK8Q WK4X

Keep in mind that some of the code above is not available on the same server. It is possible that some codes are also available only for a limited time, so they cannot be used or have expired.

How to claim

Here are the steps you can follow to exchange the redeem code on the Garena FF reward site:

  • Go to the official Garena reward website or click here!
  • Login to your Free Fire account using the login options provided
  • First, pay attention to the account server with the same redeem code used.
  • Copy the code you want to exchange, then paste to where the code is, and select the confirm button.
  • If successful, players can collect prizes directly on the website Vault Tab in lobby games.

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Those are some FF redeem codes that may not be used and you can claim for today. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube we.