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Chrome Update Always Fails on Android? Do It This Way!

Chrome Android Update Failed

Have you ever experienced when you wanted to update the chrome application on the playstore but it didn’t download even though the update button was pressed repeatedly? Well, if that happens, it means there is a problem with the chrome application on your cellphone.

We know that Google Chrome is a browser application that is very useful to support our activities, whether it’s for browsing, searching or when we want to read the news. If we experience problems with the chrome application on the cellphone, of course it will prevent us from doing various activities.

But don’t worry, because I personally have experienced the same thing and have managed to overcome it. So my goal here is to share experiences so that those of you who experience this can easily overcome it.

One of the reasons why the Google Chrome application cannot be updated on an Android phone is due to a bug between the application and the Android device. Even so, there are several ways you can take to overcome this problem.

1. Clear Chrome App Data and Cache

The initial action you can take when the chrome application cannot be updated is to delete the data and cache of the application. This aims to avoid leftover files from applications that are no longer compatible.

Well, to clear the cache and data of the chrome application, go to the menu Settings / Settings > Application > Chrome > Storage > Delete Memory. After deleting please try to update your chrome application again.

2. Restart Android Phone

Restarting the cellphone is one way to solve various problems that occur on our Android phones. By restarting, the Android phone will refresh the system again so that it can avoid bugs that usually occur accidentally when we are on an Android phone.

Therefore, there is no harm in trying to restart your Android phone before updating the chrome application.

3. Update Through Other Sources

After doing the two methods above but the chrome application still cannot be updated, then the last way you can do is to download the latest version of the chrome application through other sources.

Apart from playstore, there are many other application service providers that you can use, one of which is Through this service, you can download the latest version of the chrome application, that way your problem of not being able to update the chrome application can be resolved.

Since I also experienced this, by going through another service provider, I have managed to update the chrome application.

So this article is about how to solve the Android chrome application that cannot be updated. Hopefully useful, don’t forget to share.