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Charles Martel Rise of Kingdoms: Strongest Talent Build Tips

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Guide to playing Charles Martel Rise of Kingdoms and tips on the best strongest talents to maximize all of Martel’s skills. So admin Kibezaka has logged in to RoK 912 for consecutive days, and finally got the expertise of commander Charles Martel as well.

As a small celebration, I’ve updated the Rise of Kingdoms redeem code for October 2022. Please check because it is limited to a few days. Back to the topic of Charles Martel’s Strongest Talent Build.
I collected nearly 690 gold statues of pure Charles Martel from Gold Key. Because he is one of the legendary commanders that can be obtained for free from the Golden Key, then I gave up on using the Universal Legendary Sculpture.

Indeed, the time that I traveled for 912 days was quite long, but yes, on average, it was that long if I only relied on the palbot of the golden key.

As you know, Charles Martel is the best Legend commander in Golden Key compared to others such as Cao Cao, Ragnar Lodbrok, Julius Caesar, Frederick, Seondeok, Cleopatra VII, Ishida Mitsunari, Mulan, to Mehmed.

It is also multifunctional, meaning that it can be used in more than one role. Personally, before my expertise, I only relied on Charles Martel for war in the open field with 5-5-3-5 skills.

But now that everything is maximized, he can be used as a Garrison commander to defend structures such as alliance forts or lead the city’s defenses accompanied by Yi Seong-Gye (usually for KvK season 2 steady).

The Strongest Charles Martel Talent Build in RoK

I recommend my friend to just open the field by activating the Charles Martel talent that focuses on Infantry and Skill. Because in the Rise of Kingdoms game, there are still many of the best Garrison commanders who are better than Martel in terms of defensive skills, such as Zenobia – Yi Sun-sin, or Amanitore – YSG.
talent build charles martel rise of kingdoms

Martel as the Infantry commander, his talent in the Open Field will be oriented towards the defense and resistance of his troops making him a Tank troop.

He has very high skills to increase the attack of Infantry troops such as his active skill “Shield of France” which absorbs a certain amount of damage and at the same time increases the attack of Infantry units.

“Heavy Infantry” is a passive skill that will make Martel a commander who is very resistant to all kinds of damage thanks to the acquisition of important stats such as Defense and Health and his Ultimate skill “Rise from the Ashes” will make him a fearsome commander, every battle we face. face in the Open Field, fear not, Martel’s shield will defend us.

Always remember that formula buddy in Rise of Kingdoms: Health > Defense > Attack. Look for and prioritize commanders & equipment with high Health stats, then Defense, and Attack the last option.

Strengths and Advantages of Charles Martel

One of the Infantry Commanders with great defense/defense skills, ideal for long battles in the open field. Save RSS/SDA at Hospital friends.

The active skill absorbs a large amount of damage from our enemies, there is a shield or a strong giant shield.

His impeccable defense is highly effective in whatever form he’s in (Garrison or Open Field).

Increase the defense of the structure of the building it defends; this makes him one of the fearsome Garrison commanders from KvK Season 1 to Season 3 LvD.

Disadvantages and Weaknesses of Charles Martel RoK

× Very slow to catch up during war, understand that the name is Infantry, not Cavalry. So if we want to escape we will be chased easily.

× Om Martel does not have an active skill to deal damage to enemies; only increases the basic damage of the Infantry units that we carry.

× Martel doesn’t have the talent or skills for PVE, even though he’s tough in a fistfight, he’s not the right commander to hit Barbarian.

× Does not have instant healing skills, to heal troops instantly when in the open field like Richard. But somehow his defense skills are actually better than Richard I.

How to Get Commander Charles Martel RoK

As mentioned earlier, that Charles Martel is a free commander that can be obtained through the Golden Key. But don’t worry, apart from using the Gold Key, it turns out that there are other alternative ways, namely:

1. MGE – aka the Mightiest Governor Event or the Greatest Governor, a bi-weekly event that was held at the beginning of a kingdom being formed. Martel will appear after Julius Cesar if I’m not mistaken, but remember this event is a bit difficult for F2P and Low Spenders, usually the sultan will immediately maximize it completely.

2. Daily Bundle – For you Low Spenders, you can really get a gold statue of Charles Martel through the chest in the Daily Special Offer. Open every 9 boxes or more for a pretty tempting drop rate.

3. Card King – The Card King event will appear and commander Charles Martel will appear after KvK 1 ends. So you can use Gems to get some Martel gold statues. Please check: Card King RoK Schedule.

That’s a few guides to play and tips for the strongest & best Charles Martel Rise of Kingdoms talent build that you can use for war in the open field later.