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Build the Strongest Hylos Mobile Legends in 2022, the Master of Nyicil!

Build the Strongest Hylos Mobile Legends

Hello guys, back again on the BugisTekno site, in this article the admin will discuss the strongest Hylos Mobile Legends build as a tanker that is good at paying off enemy blood.

Yep, we know Hylos is one of the heroes who has a job tank. This hero is claimed to be a tank hero who has the thickest blood than other tank heroes.

Of course, if it is thick, it will be difficult for us to conquer it. Moreover, he has skills that further support these advantages. However, all of that, of course, cannot be separated from the Build arrangement.

Even though Hylos’s hero is basically thick, without the right build items, it’s the same as feeling weak. Therefore, let’s look at the following review.

The Strongest Hylos Mobile Legends Build

Before going into the discussion of Hylos’s build structure, it’s a good idea for you to really understand this hero. Yep, in addition to his thick base blood, Hylos is also quite an expert in attacking or defending.

Through his ultimate skill, he can bring up a straight path, where on that path all your teammates can help you attack or retreat by running fast.

Meanwhile, for skill 2 Hylos can bring up a circle of light which is able to reduce enemy blood when in the circle. Well, Hylos’s 2nd skill is good for repaying the enemy’s blood.

You just need to approach the enemy to make sure they are in the circle. Then, Hylos’s 1st skill can give a stun effect, it only applies to one target.

The combo skill for playing Hylos is Skill 2 + Skill 3 + Skill 1. So, make sure you activate skill 2 Hylos, then use skill 3 to chase the enemy. Prioritize weak enemy targets such as the core or the mage. After you approach him, then continue to attack with skill 1 so that the enemy’s core or mage is difficult and difficult to contribute during war.

Yep, if that’s a little explanation about the hero Hylos. Immediately, we enter the composition of the strongest build in the image below.

Strongest Hylos Build

In addition to builds, you can also find out emblems, talents and spells that are suitable for Hylos heroes. For determining the best spell, Revitalis. The reason is, because this can help Hylos to stay in the leading position for a long time.

Moreover, with Hylos’ installment damage from skill 2, it is possible that when defending with revitalists, it is the enemy who will die. Even so, you also keep an eye on Hylos’ blood, especially if all the enemies attack you.

If that’s enough of the admin’s review this time about the strongest and sickest Hylos build structure that is good at paying off enemy blood. Hopefully useful, if you like this article, don’t forget to share it, thank you.