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Build Ling's Painful 2022 RRQ Albert's Version, the Most OP!

Ling Mobile Legends

Hello friends, in this article BugisTekno will share recommendations for the build of the sickest Ling version of RRQ Albert, which we know as the king of Ling Indonesia.

As a hero with role assassins, of course, Ling belongs to the category of heroes who have a high level of difficulty, guys. Even so, nothing is impossible as long as you practice often, rest assured you will be able to master it.

Apart from the gameplay, the most important factor in playing Ling is the build selection. But don’t worry, the admin will present the selection of the RRQ Albert version of the build this time, of course, it can make you better.

Ling’s Skills Explanation

As usual, before entering the build structure, the admin will briefly explain Ling’s skills. The goal is that you can maximize the use of each skill.

Moreover, Ling is a hero who uses energy to use his skills, so you can’t just use skills. So right away, here’s an explanation of the skills found in Ling:

  • Passive Skill – Cloud Walker: Ling’s passive skill has a characteristic where he can go up and jump between walls and then attack the opponent from above.
  • Skill One – Finch Poise: Through this skill, Ling can jump to any wall and enter Half-Stealth mode. Interestingly, because he can jump from wall to wall without a cooldown.
  • Skill Two – Defiant Sword: This is Ling’s skill to attack, he will run forward and stab enemies within reach. This is more effective if Ling attacks from the wall, because it can give a slow effect to the opponent.
  • Ultimate Skill – Tempest of Blade: Ling jumps into the air to attack the opponent then lands on the ground. This skill can cause Airborne effects to enemies in the area. In addition, after using this skill there will be four Ling blades that surround the area and can be taken to reset the cooldown of the second skill.

Based on the explanation of Ling’s skills above, then of course you can understand a little about how to use them.

The technique for using these Ling skills is to make sure you are on the wall before starting to attack your opponent. Then use skill two to repay the opponent’s HP, then end the opponent using the ultimate Ling skill if the opponent’s HP is thin.

Build Ling’s Painful Version of Albert

Alright, let’s get into the build structure. Based on Albert’s brilliant action when playing Ling in the MPL event, the admin is also interested in recommending the build arrangement.

You can see the list of builds that hurt the RRQ Albert version of the Ling build:

Build Ling Hurts
  1. Behemoth Hunter’s Tough Boots: Increases movement speed, magical defense and passive reduces CC effects and deals true damage.
  2. Windtalker: Increases attack speed, movement speed, critical chance and passive gives additional magic-type damage.
  3. Endless Battle: Increases physical attack, mana regen, HP, cooldown reduction, movement speed, physical lifesteal and passive giving additional true damage after using a skill.
  4. Berserker’s Fury: Increases physical attack, critical chance, critical damage and passive increases the hero’s physical attack.
  5. Malefic Roar: Increase physical attack, physical penetration and passive increase physical penetration every time it deals damage.
  6. Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.

Ling Emblems and Spells

The selection of emblems and spells in the current meta is quite flexible. For example, such as Fanny’s hero where users are more interested in wearing fighter emblems than assassins. This is of course because the effect of the emblem is more useful for the hero.

However, for the selection of the emblem on the hero Ling, the role is still the emblem Assassins with talent Killing Spree. As for the spell side, it is clear that is Bloody Retribution.

Ling Emblems and Talents

The reason was because Ling needed a blue buff to keep his energy from running out. Therefore, when you want to use Ling, you are obliged to fill the Jungler role.

Well, if that’s enough of the admin’s review this time about the build of the RRQ Albert version of the hurt Ling, which can be a reference for those of you who like to play this hero.