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Build Kimmy Sick 2022, Chemical Spraying Hero!

Kimmy Mobile Legends

Hello friends, I hope you are always in good health, in this article the admin will discuss the build structure of the sickest Kimmy which can make the spray damage more painful.

Yep, we know Kimmy is one of the heroes with the role marksman. This hero has a fairly unique way of attacking, where Kimmy will spray chemicals on the opponent.

However, this hero is quite difficult because you have to manually direct basic attacks to attack the enemy. However, in terms of damage, Kimmy is also very painful like marksman in general, especially if you use the right build.

Therefore, for those of you who are interested in playing Kimmy’s hero, then you must know the order of the worst builds, which the admin will explain below.

Kimmy’s Skills Explanation

Before entering the build list, the admin will first explain the various skills possessed by Kimmy. In addition to being more proficient in the use of skills, you can also understand the selection of build items. Because the build is also determined based on the skills of a hero.

Well, the number of Kimmy’s skills is also the same as the existing heroes in general, where there is one passive skill and three active skills. Here’s a full explanation.

  • Passive Skill – Chemist’s Instinct: Kimmy can move while shooting in another direction using a spray gun. However, the attacks were not accurate, so they needed to be well aimed.
  • Skill One – Energy Transformation: Kimmy’s basic attack will change to shoot a bigger chemical ball which of course produces more painful damage.
  • Skill Two – Chemical Refinement: Through this skill, Kimmy will move backwards and increase her energy. Meanwhile his attacks were also strengthened.
  • Ultimate Skill – Maximum Charge: Kimmy launches a luminous chemical attack in the specified direction. The damage dealt will increase with charge time.

Based on the explanation of Kimmy’s skills above, in playing Kimmy you have to direct the attacks manually. Then, activate skill one to give a large chemical ball attack.

Then, for skill two, you can use it to increase Kimmy’s energy so that you can return to attack with the other skill. Then, for this ultimate skill, you have to press it for a while while directing the damage and the attack area to be wider.

Build Kimmy Mobile Legends Hurts

After briefly explaining Kimmy’s skills, then we will enter the build list. You need to know, that various skills from Kimmy’s hero produce magic-type damage so you need magic power-enhancing items.

In addition, Kimmy also needs a slow effect attribute along with movement speed in order to make him move quickly. Well, just take a look at the build of Kimmy Sick in the following BugisTekno version:

Build Kimmy Hurts
  1. Arcane Boots: Increases movement speed and magical penetration.
  2. Ice Queen Wand: Increases magic power, magical lifesteal, mana, movement speed and passively gives a slow effect on opponents affected by skill damage.
  3. Genius Wand: Increases magic power, movement speed, magical penetration and passively reduces the opponent’s magic defense.
  4. Berserker’s Fury: Increases physical attack, critical chance, critical damage and passive increases the hero’s physical attack.
  5. Holy Crystal: Increases magic power and passive magic attack enhancer which will increase as level increases.
  6. Winter Truncheon: Increases magic power, physical defense, HP and causes a freeze effect when used, meaning the hero cannot do anything but gain immunity from all attacks.

From the various Kimmy build arrangements above, there is one item that only adds attributes from the physical side. That’s because Kimmy also still has physical attacks through her basic attacks. So it requires Berserker’s Fury, moreover this item is also capable of providing a critical effect on magic attacks.

Kimmys Emblems and Spells

Next, we go into the discussion of Kimmy’s emblems and spells. From the results of the explanation above, we can already get an idea that the right emblem for Kimmy is an emblem Mage with talent Magic Worship. Because Kimmy relies more on the magic damage side.

Kimmys Emblems and Talents

Meanwhile for the selection of a good spell is Flicker so that you can move more freely, especially when your opponent is planning to do ganking. With Flicker, you can automatically avoid easily.

That’s the article this time about Kimmy’s painful build structure that can make the spray even more painful. Hopefully useful and good luck.