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Build Karina Sick 2022, Savage Subscription Hero!

Karina Mobile Legends

Hello BugisTekno friends, back to the discussion of Mobile Legends, this time the admin will share recommendations for the hurt Karina build structure that can make you easy to savage.

As we know that Karina is one of the hero assassins who is quite agile and agile. His various skills are capable of dealing great damage, behind that he also has an immune effect from attacks.

So don’t be surprised if Karina can be said to be a savage subscription hero. However, again it all depends on the gameplay and the build arrangement you are using. So, it’s a good idea to read this article so that you understand and get better at playing Karina.

Karina’s Skills Explanation

As the admin said before, besides Karina’s build hurts, an important factor to dominate the game is gameplay. Therefore, you also need to know the function of each of Karina’s skills so that you can use them properly and optimally.

As for Karina’s skills, there is one passive skill and three active skills. Just look at the explanation of each of Karina’s skills below:

  • Passive Skill – Shadow Combo: Karina will deal additional damage after attacking the target 3 times in a row. Meanwhile, he will also get a cooldown reduction from his skill for 1.5 seconds.
  • Skill One – Dance of Blades: Karina blocks all basic attacks, reflects damage and increases her movement speed. At the same time, he also strengthens his basic attack.
  • Skill Two – Dance of Death: Karina swings her Double Sword, and deals quite grievous damage to nearby enemies.
  • Ultimate Skill – Shadow Assault: Through this skill, Karina will attack quickly and deal very painful damage to the opponent. Interestingly, the cooldown of this skill will reset if Karina manages to eliminate the opponent.

Based on the explanation of Karina’s skills above, of course, it can be said that this hero is quite interesting. Because in terms of the other skill he can withstand all basic attacks. So it can be ascertained that Karina’s hero is quite terrible when facing a marksman opponent who only relies on attacks from the basic attack side.

Then, Karina’s ultimate skill is able to reactivate when Karina manages to eliminate the enemy. That’s why Karina can be said to be a savage subscription hero, because with this skill she can end opponents at once, especially for heroes whose HP is low.

So, in playing Karina you also need the right timing to join the fight team. First, your teammates attack to repay the opponent’s HP, and make sure the opponent’s skills have come out a lot. Well, that’s when you can step in to attack your opponent and eliminate them all.

Build Karina Mobile Legends Hurts

After understanding Karina’s skills, now is the time for you to find out the order of the worst builds, which can maximize Karina’s damage.

Then, for Karina’s typical damage is a magic attack, which means you have to use a build order to add magic damage. Alright, just take a look at the following build on the BugisTekno version of Karina Tersakit:

Build Karina Hurt
  1. Behemoth Hunter’s Tough Boots: Increases movement speed, magical defense and passive reduces CC effects and deals true damage.
  2. Calamity Reaper: Increases magic power, mana, mana regen, cooldown reduction and passive giving additional true damage.
  3. Concentrated Energy: Increases magic power, HP, magical lifesteal and passively restores HP every time you defeat your opponent.
  4. Holy Crystal: Increases magic power and passive magic attack enhancer which will increase as level increases.
  5. Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.
  6. Blood Wings: Increase magic power, HP and passive gain a shield equivalent to 200% magic power.

Karina’s Emblem and Spell

In addition to the build, you also need to know the selection of the right emblem and spell for Karina’s hero. The emblem that is a good match is the emblem Mage with talent Magic Worship. With this talent, Karina will get additional attributes and give the opponent a burning effect 3 times.

Karina's Emblems and Talents

So, this emblem will help deal damage and is very useful if your opponent’s HP is low. So that this effect has the potential to eliminate opponents who are trying to escape.

Meanwhile for the selection of the right spell is Bloody Retribution. Since the right role for Karina is a jungler, you definitely need a retribution spell to farm quickly.

Well, if that’s enough of the admin’s review this time about the hurt Karina build structure that can make you easy to savage. Hopefully useful and happy playing.