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Build Harley's Painful 2022, Make Enemies Disappear!

Harley Mobile Legends

Hello, BugisTekno friends, back again to the discussion of Mobile Legends, this time the admin will share the list of the worst Harley builds that can make enemies instantly disappear.

As one of the heroes with the type of mage assassins, until now Harley is still quite widely used. Moreover, basically as a magician, it is not surprising that the skills he has are able to make him very agile.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using the Harley hero, of course you need to know the right build item so that the resulting damage is even more painful and leads to victory.

Harley Skills Explanation

As usual, before going into the core of the discussion, the admin will first explain the skills possessed by the Harley hero so that you can understand and play well.

Passive Skill – Magic Master: Every time Harley deals damage, the opponent’s Magic Defense will decrease by 2 for 3 seconds and can be stacked up to 10.

Of course, Harley’s passive skill has been very supportive so that the resulting damage is even more painful.

Skill One – Poker Trick: Harley will attack the opponent using a card. When it hits the opponent, Harley will also get an additional 10% attack speed.

Well, this is Harley’s main skill that is capable of dealing great damage.

Skill Two – Space Escape: For skill two, Harley can move quickly in the specified direction. Then, it will leave its hat which can be moved back to that location.

Of course, this skill is the selling point of Harley so it is known as a very cunning mage and difficult to catch.

Ultimate Skill – Deadly Magic: For Harley’s ultimate skill, he will shoot a ring of fire at the target opponent which will explode in a few moments.

However, if you just shoot a ring of fire just like that, it won’t do a lot of damage. So, to maximize Harley’s ultimate skill, you have to continue the attack with skill one on the opponent who was hit by the ring of fire.

That way, rest assured that your opponent will disappear instantly. However, make sure that your one damage skill hits the enemy for a long time.

Well, if that’s an explanation of Harley’s skills that you need to know, then we’ll get to the core of the discussion below.

Build Harley Mobile Legends Hurts

As a hero with typical magic damage, then of course you have to use magic items. Even so, you also need to see additional effects to maximize Harley’s abilities.

Well, for effects that are important to add are items that have a penetration-enhancing effect such as Divine Glaive and Genius Wand. For more details, please refer to the following list of the sickest Harley builds:

  • Arcane Boots: Increases movement speed and magical penetration.
  • Clock of Destiny: Increases magic power, HP, mana and passively adds HP and magic attack every 20 seconds up to 12 times.
  • Lightning Truncheon: Increases magic power, mana, cooldown reduction and passive gives additional magic damage.
  • Genius Wand: Increases magic power, movement speed, magical penetration and passively reduces the opponent’s magic defense.
  • Holy Crystal: Increase magic power and passive increase magic attack up to 35%.
  • Divine Glaive: Increases magic power, magical penetration, and increases magic penetration by up to 20%.

Harley Emblems and Spells

Emblems and spells are very important components in the Mobile Legends game. Therefore, you also need to pay attention to the selection of the right emblem and spell before playing.

Well, the emblem for the Harley hero is the emblem Mage with talent Magic Worship. With these emblems and talents, Harley can cause a burning effect when attacking using skills.

Of course, it is very useful if the opponent is dying and leaving a little HP, then with the burning effect, the opponent will have the opportunity to be eliminated.

Then, for a good spell for Harley, that is spell Execute which can give additional attacks, especially when the opponent leaves HP. Besides Execute, you can also use Retribution when you serve as a jungler hero in the game.

Well, if that was the review regarding the build structure of the worst Harley version of BugisTekno. Hopefully it is useful and can add to your insight so that you are better at playing Harley heroes.