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Build Fanny Sick 2022, Aura Fire Kabuki Version!

The following is a review of the list of the sickest Fanny Mobile Legends build items, the version of Aura Fire Kabuki, which always shocks the MPL season 9 event.

The last few matches Aura Fire managed to win with a surprising pick, namely the hero Fanny. Interestingly, because Kabuki’s role as a gold laner turned into a jungler.

Coach from Aura Fire changes the strategy where High becomes a gold laner and Kabuki as a jungler if Fanny’s hero escapes. Evidently, several matches that managed to get Fanny’s hero resulted in a victory for Aura Fire.

Well, for those of you who are interested in using Fanny after seeing the brilliant action of Aura Kabuki, it’s a good idea to take a peek at the build structure of Fanny’s sickest version of Aura Kabuki so that you too can be infected and play Fanny agile. Immediately, let’s see the following review.

Fanny’s Skills Explanation

Before entering the build order, it’s a good idea to first understand the various skills found in Fanny’s hero. Moreover, this hero is included as a hero who has a high level of difficulty so you need to know in order to play well and be agile.

As for the list of skills contained in Fanny’s hero, you can see the explanation below:

  • Passive Skill – Air Superiority: Fanny’s damage will increase when attacking while flying. It will then leave a trail on the target making it easier to hit the next attack.
  • Skill One – Tornado Strike: For this skill, Fanny will rotate her sword and deal damage to nearby enemies.
  • Skill Two – Steel Cable: Fanny threw the cable that would pull her to the wall she was aiming for. This cable can also be thrown in large numbers to change the direction of flight. If the direction of Fanny’s flight through the opponent, then Fanny will automatically rotate her sword to attack the opponent.
  • Ultimate Skill – Cut Throat: Fanny will do a quick attack to the opponent and deal damage.

Based on Fanny’s skill above, that using Fanny’s hero we must attack the enemy while flying in order to give painful damage from the passive side.

Then for the other skill, you can use it to do farming or also to eliminate enemies. Then, these two skills are the most important for you to master in order to control Fanny’s movements well and quickly.

And for the function of Fanny’s ultimate skill, it is very suitable to be used to eliminate enemies who have little HP left. Because with the ultimate skill, Fanny will automatically attack directly at the target that is in range.

Build Fanny Sick Kabuki Version

After seeing the explanation of Fanny’s skills, it is certain that this hero is very difficult to use, even users can be counted on the fingers. That’s because playing Fanny’s cable is very difficult, also because Fanny must need Buff to maximize her energy use.

Even so, nothing is impossible if you really want to be good at playing Fanny. The most important thing is to practice often, especially in the use of the cable.

In addition, you also need to know the order of the worst builds in order to dominate the game. Just take a look at the following arrangement of Fanny’s build in Aura Fira Kabuki’s version:

Sick Fanny Build
  1. Behemoth Hunter’s Tough Boots: Increases movement speed, magical defense and passive reduces CC effects and deals true damage.
  2. Blade of the Heptaseas: Increase physical attack, HP, physical penetration and passive increase physical damage if no damage is received or given within 5 seconds.
  3. Rose Gold Meteor: Increase physical attack, magical defense, physical lifesteal and get a shield when HP is below 30%.
  4. Malefic Roar: Increase physical attack, physical penetration and passive increase physical penetration every time it deals damage.
  5. Antique Cuirass: Increases HP, physical defense, HP regen and passively reduces the opponent’s physical attack.
  6. Immortality: Increases HP, physical defense and passive revives when eliminated.

Fanny’s Emblem and Spell

In addition to the build, you also need to know the right set of emblems and spells for Fanny’s hero. Based on the Aura Fire Kabuki version, the emblem he uses in playing Fanny is an emblem Fighter with talent Festival of Blood.

Fanny's Emblem and Talent

Meanwhile, for the selection of spells, it is spell Bloody Retribution which can help Fanny to do farming quickly. In addition, this spell also provides additional true damage so that Fanny’s damage is even more painful and scary.

How are you guys? If you are interested in playing Fanny’s hero after seeing the brilliant action of Aura Fire Kabuki, then you can follow the build order that Kabuki uses. Of course it can help you to be able to play more optimally.

Well, if that’s enough of the review this time about the build composition of Fanny’s sick version of Aura Fire Kabuki. Hopefully useful and good luck.