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Build Claude Sick 2022, Make Enemy Auto Dying!

Build Claude Mobile Legends Hurts

Want to get better at playing Claude’s hero? Come on, let’s look at the following admin review which will discuss about the sick Claude build that can make enemies auto dying.

Yep, we know Claude is one of the marksman-type heroes who is known to be the most agile because he can move and walk quickly.

From this ability, of course Claude is a hero who is quite difficult to catch. Moreover, as a job that acts as the biggest damage contribution to the team, it’s no wonder that the enemy will automatically die when attacked.

However, all of that comes back again with the order of build items that you use. Because the build item is a factor that determines whether or not Claude’s hero damage is sick.

Claude’s Skills Explanation

Before going into the main discussion, it’s a good idea to first understand the function of Claude’s skills so that you can play more optimally. Well, as for the skills that Claude has, there are four, starting from passive skills, skills 1, 2 and 3. Alright, here the admin will explain one by one.

Passive Skills – Side-by-side Battle: Dexter who is on Claude’s back will also shoot when Claude shoots. The damage from Dexter also follows from the total damage released by Claude.

Skill One – Art Of Thievery: Claude will attack the opponent with a fan-shaped area. Meanwhile, Claude will get additional attack speed and movement speed by collecting stacks.

So, every time you hit an enemy, minion, or jungle with skill one, Claude will get a stack. You can collect a maximum of up to 5 stacks to get additional attack speed and higher movement speed.

But remember, that the Claude stack you collect can only last 6 seconds. To maintain the maximum stack, you have to hit the enemy or minion with the right timing.

Skill Two – Battle Mirror Image: Claude leaves a mirror image that can attack nearby enemies automatically. Meanwhile, Claude can also move to the mirror image.

Ultimate Skill – Blazing Duet: Claude and Dexter quickly attack enemies within range of their circle. This skill is very useful when your team fights, especially when the opponent is in groups.

You can make enemies die quickly, but before attacking, try to collect the maximum stack first so that you can do more damage.

Build Claude Mobile Legends Hurts

If that’s the basic explanation of Claude’s skill. Well, just take a look at the following Claude’s build structure that can make enemies die:

Build Claude Hurts
  • Demon Shoes: Increases movement speed, mana regen and passive mana recovery every time you eliminate an opponent or get an assist.
  • Demon Hunter Sword: Increases physical attack, attack speed and passive additional damage.
  • Golden Staff: Increase physical attack, attack speed and passively change the percentage of critical chance to attack speed.
  • Corrosion Scythe: Increases physical attack, movement, attack speed and passively reduces the opponent’s movement speed.
  • Wind of Nature: Increases physical attack, attack speed, physical lifesteal and immunity to all physical damage when activated.
  • Rose Gold Meteor: Increase physical attack, magical defense, physical lifesteal and get a shield when HP is below 30%.

Claude’s Emblems and Spells

In addition to the build, another important component that you need to pay attention to is the selection of emblems and spells for Claude. Because it is very supportive, especially at the beginning of the game.

So, a good emblem for Claude is an emblem Assassins with talent Killing Spree. The reason is because the Assassins emblem can increase penetration which is quite high. In addition, the talent effect of Killing Spree can increase Claude’s HP and movement speed when he successfully eliminates opponents.

Then, for a good spell for Claude is a spell Inspire to maximize Claude’s damage. But back again with the gameplay and draft of the hero you are facing, if your opponent’s hero has a lot of CC then you should consider using a spell Purify.

Well, if that was the review regarding the build item build for Claude, the BugisTekno version. Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to keep up with the latest BugisTekno updates about other mobile legends.