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Best Indonesian Bus Simulator 2022 For Android and PC

Bus simulator Indonesia is the best game and can match real life. In fact, you can be like a bus driver who works with a company. The mission is of course to deliver passengers to their destination with the route according to the mission you choose.

The simulator game does present a real feel and graphic. This bus simulator game has many developers. If you are looking for a variety of devices both PC and Android, of course there are already many games that you can play. The bus simulator game has indeed succeeded in impressing its fans. You can see this through the number of downloads from various app stores.

Collection of the Best Indonesian Bus Simulator Games 2022 for Android and PC

If you are also curious about which bus simulator game is the best, here we present some recommendations for the best Indonesian bus simulator game, the Sukaon version.

Bus Simulator For Android

bus simulator indonesia best pc android

There are many bus simulator games for Android phones that you can download from the app store or the developer’s website. However, we only recommend 8 bus simulator games for you to play, besides having lots of downloaders, the graphics of the game are also maximized. Here’s the game,

1.Bus Simulator Indonesia ( BUSSID )

Bussid now has tens of millions of users, not even just fans of bus mania from within the country, this game has been famous overseas. There are many advantages of this game. Starting from the graphics that are like real and real like the situation in Indonesia. Road traffic, both buses, trucks and motorbikes, uses Indonesian nuances.

The road conditions and various building textures are also very real. There are Indomart, Alfamart, mosques, restaurants and various icons from the characteristics of cities in Indonesia. In addition, there is also a Pertamina gas station from the side of the road which is really real.

Until the time of refueling only, there is a service voice “Starting from zero, yes,” this is also there. Anyway, it’s really real when it comes to Bussid toys. Even if you play this game you can feel at home all day. The areas that you can explore in this game include the cities of Surabaya, Madura, Semarang, Wonogiri, Jogja, Tegal, Brebes, Jakarta, Serang and various big cities of famous bus traffic in Sumatra.

Bussid also really supports modification features for Indonesian Bus lovers. In fact, there have been many developers who have made various modified vehicles. For example, public transportation, various modes of trucks, motorcycles, heavy equipment and many other vehicles.

If the default from this game only uses one bus. In addition, there is also a feature to modify the bus, which is called a template. This template can change the appearance of the bus like an Indonesian bus. For example, Sinar Jaya, Murni Jaya, Damri and many other bus POs.

This bussid game can run smoothly even though the specifications of each of these phones are low. The size of this game is also not too big, even only 300 MB with OBB data. Bussid has a lot of support for modified vehicles from game developers to various bus templates. To get lots of templates and mod files for buses, trucks and bussid cars, you can download them on the official website.

How to Install Bussid Mod and Templates

To install the bussid Mod, you can do the following steps:

  1. Open the bussid game, then open the mod option.
  2. Install mods.
  3. Look for mods that you have saved before.
  4. Install by paying or the free option by viewing ads.
  5. To change the livery, you can go directly to the garage and click use the vehicle.

Bussid has two modes in its game, there is a draw mode and there is a drift mode. If towing mode means you have to go online, each route you choose, you have to complete missions by picking up passengers and dropping them off to their destination. Then you will get a cash reward which you can later use to buy fuel, rent a crane, buy templates and install mods. Or you can also buy a bus in the shop’s garage.

While the drift mode you can play in offline mode only. If you use this offline mode, you cannot make passenger withdrawals, and only walk according to the route. At first glance, this game is a medicine for ETS 2 fans who don’t have a computer. Because the nuances inside are indeed similar, and this Maleo applies a concept that is true and appropriate for bus mania fans in Indonesia. Until now, there have been more than 100 million users of the Bussid game.


2.Mobile Bus Simulator

You can also enjoy the feel of being a bus driver if you use Mobile Bus Simulator for Android. You can download it in the app store. As with other bus games, you have to be able to obey various traffic signs and get your passengers to their destination.

The graphics of this game are pretty, decent. But when compared to bussid, of course it’s still good bussid.

3.Ice Bus Simulator ID

There are more bus options in this game, even better graphics than Mobile Bus Simulator. For bus vehicles there are also many choices. And of course very Indonesian, traffic and road conditions are also similar to Indonesian roads.

4.ES Bus Simulator ID 2

After the success of the first generation of bus simulators, Esproject continued the concept of the Indonesian bus simulator game in the second session. In fact, there are many updates, especially the graphics, which are even better.

Several other features are also on the vehicle, besides that there are also many new routes that you can play. As usual, to minimize ads, you can use offline mode.

5.IDBS Bus Simulator

The IDBS Study also uses a lot of Indonesian street concepts in its bus simulator games. In fact, there are many routes that you can take, starting from Jakarta, Cikampek, Tangerang and many more. You can use towing mode to carry passengers, and don’t forget to obey traffic signs.

6.IDBS Bus Simulator Cross Sumatra

Success with the game that has been made, then start working on the second project. However, in this next project, it leads to the Sumatra map. Of course, it is very interesting for those of you who want to feel the nuances of the typical Sumatran streets, you can use this simulator.

7.Telolet Bus Driving 3D

Other developers have also developed a special telolet session which for some reason did go viral a few years ago. Especially now that bus mania has more of its own space and community, this community of bus mania lovers is not small, there are even millions of people in it.

If you like the legendary horn that is phenomenal in the style of this efficiency bus, you can play Telolet Bus driving 3D. This game really brings the feel of Indonesian buses and the streets are also typical of this country. As is the case with other games, there are several features that you can play, such as the mode of picking up passengers or just taking a walk enjoying the typical Indonesian road routes.

8. Sinar Jaya Bus Indonesia 2022

It’s really more Indonesian if you use this PO Bus. Even inside it can also be accompanied by nuances in the bus with the koplo song. In addition there are many challenging roads and routes to play. This game is made by Kingdom App in 2022.

Bus Simulator Indonesia For Computers and Laptops

For computers, there are actually many bus simulator games, but there are still no Indonesian ones. Why do many people play Indonesian buses with laptops on Youtube? Yes, there are many, but actually the games are UKT and ETS 2. Where this game is a simulator for trucks, then there are many developers from Indonesia who are smarter to make the nuances of the game match what is in Indonesia.

Euro Truck Simulator 2

bus simulator indonesia best pc androidThis Euro Truck Simulator game has been very popular since its initial release after EKTS. This game presents the feel of a truck simulator that is similar to real life. In this game there are various missions that you can play. For example, carrying various goods, containers and box trailers from one country to another. The theme and map of this game was originally only for various European countries.

But if you watch it on various Youtube channels, there’s something strange isn’t it? Of course, because many Youtubers play this game with bus vehicles and the feel of the streets and regions is very unique to Indonesia. Like UKTS, this game also supports open-source modification features. Because of this, there are various modders from Indonesia who are very creative in taking loopholes in this game.

If you still use the street concept from Europe, this game is not so well known. However, because there is a modder version from Indonesia regarding vehicles and maps of domestic nuances, this ETS game is starting to mushroom and many gaming Youtubers are streaming this game.

The ETS 2 game does support various original mods according to the patch version. How to install this mod is also easy, just activate the mod from the start menu and select the profile you want to play.

You need to know that the computer specifications that you should use have good specifications. For ram you should use 4 GB, if for smoothness and HD graphics, it would be nice to use a gaming spec computer.

For the controller you can use a computer or laptop mouse and keyboard. However, if you want to use a steering wheel complete with a transmission lever and pedals, you can buy it at the online shop. The Logitech brand is a controller that is compatible with this ETS 2 game.

If you want to play ETS2 games, just download the installer file on the official ETS2 website. Adjust to the computer operating system you are using.

UKTS ( UK Truck Simulator )

bus simulator indonesia best pc android

This game has been around for a long time, and has even been around since 2010. But this game was then changed for various views and vehicles used. In fact, it is very similar to vehicles and buses with Indonesian nuances. This game was viral at that time, especially since various Bus Simulator Indonesia PC modes were crowded on social media.

Because it is still an old game, the RAM specifications of devices that can support the performance of this game are also still low, you can play this game. Starting from 1 GB ram, 2.2 Ghz CPU and 1 GB HDD space is enough to accommodate this game.

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There are many advantages of this truck simulator game. Starting from the installation of mods which of course by mod creators from Indonesia were converted into Bus vehicles. Many of the maps have also been changed with Indonesian nuances. Such as gas stations, restaurants, toll roads, and traffic can be completely similar to the original.

To be able to play this game, you can use the default keyboard on computers and laptops. Or you can use the steering wheel that is sold in the market. By using the steering wheel controller you can feel the real sensation of driving a bus and with the streets and feel of Indonesia. If you want to play UKTS, just download it on the UKTS official website.