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Bertrand du Guesclin Rise of Kingdoms: Best RoK Talent

Along with the release Alexander Nevsky RoK, Bertrand du Guesclin was also present. Both are commanders of the Legendary tier Rise of Kingdoms with a specialty in leading Cavalry troop units.

What sets Alexander Nevsky and Bertrand du Guescli apart at RoK is functionality. Nevsky will be used more often for fighting in the Open Field thanks to his capable active skills.

talent bertrand du guesclin rise of kingdoms rok

While Bertrand has the Conquering skill, he is suitable to be used to lead Rally troops of opposing building structures such as Fortresses / Fortresses, Flags, Passes, and City Halls belonging to the enemy.

So what are Bertrand du Guesclin’s skills like? Then how to get it easily? Pairing or duet with whom is good? Please read to the end.

About Bertrand du Guesclin Rise of Kingdoms

Bertrand du Guesclin was a prominent French commander during the Hundred Years’ War between England and France.

He first distinguished himself by skillfully applying guerrilla techniques and tactics and breaking through the British siege during the conflict in Brittany 1341-1364.

This success lifted French morale and raised Bertrand du Guesclin in the eyes of King Charles V. At the end of this phase of the war, Bertrand was sent to northern France to deal with mercenary matters, and then to Castile, where he helped to ascend the throne to Enrique of Trastamar.

War between France and England broke out again in 1369. Shortly thereafter, Charles V appointed du Guesclin as the French constable. Bertrand defeated the enemy at the battle of Ponvallin, and soon recaptured the territories of Poitou and Saintonge, expelling Edward Woodstock from French soil.

Later the police force won several more important victories, returning all the territories that had previously been ceded to England under the terms of the peace at Brétigny.

Best Build Talent Bertrand RoK

The following is a Bertrand du Guesclin Rise of Kingdoms build talent tree that is commonly used by players in KvK SoC. You can imitate using it if you intend to use Bertrand in the Lost Kingdom Event.

Updates: Due to technical issues, talent build was withdrawn and will be updated later.

These are some of Bertrand du Guesclin’s main skills that have made him maximized by the Rise of Kingdoms sultans so far.

Battle Hungry (Active Skill) = For the next 3 seconds, normal attacks have a 100% chance to deal direct damage to the target (Damage Factor 700 max) and reduce the enemy’s Rage by 20.

Seigneur’s Sympathy (Passive Skill 1) = Cavalry units led by commander Bertrand gain a 10% increase in attack and 10% Health, and also gain a further 10% March Speed ​​and 5% damage reduction from all sources if outside alliance territory.

Fabian Strategy (Passive Skill 2) = When attacking a city or fortress, the troops led by this commander deal a 10% increase in damage. Cavalry units led by this commander get a 1% increase in damage for 15 seconds per 10 seconds in battle. This effect can be stacked up to 5 times.

The Eagle of Brittany (Passive Skill 3) = Cavalry units led by commander Bertrand du Guesclin get a 20% defense increase. Troops led by this commander get a 10% chance to heal troops (Healing Factor 250) for 3 seconds when attacked. This effect can trigger at most once every 5 seconds.

Royal Constable (Skill Expertise) = Troops led by commander Bertrand RoK receive 5% skill damage reduction, and deal skill damage to attackers after taking damage (Damage Factor 400). This effect can trigger at most once every 5 seconds.

The advantages and disadvantages of Bertrand RoK

His passive skill has Instant Healing Factor, to heal troops instantly during a fight.

Bertrand du Guesclin can be relied on to attack enemy cities.

He has skills to increase all sectors such as Defense, Attack, Health (HP), and damage reduction from special enemies of Cavalry troops.

Weaknesses and Disadvantages of Bertrand RoK

× Bertrand du Guesclin is not a good PvE commander for farming Barbarian Fort.

Commander Bertrand du Guesclin Pasangan

How to Get Bertrand du Guesclin Rise of Kingdoms

For how to get a Bertrand RoK commander, you have to wait for your kingdom to be formed for more than 300 days or enter the KvK Season of Conquest.