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Be careful, these are things that often happen at the beginning of the Mobile Legends season

Be careful spinners, here’s a list of things that often happen at the beginning of the Mobile Legends season, making your rank go down instead of going up.

Mobile Legends just reset their season some time ago and of course at the beginning of every season the players immediately push their ranks all out.

For the sake of being a top global hero, rank or just prestige so that his rank is higher than his colleagues.

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But actually the hard push at the beginning of the season was wrong, especially for those of you who are solo ranked or not playing with a full team. You will often find the following things that actually make your rank go down.

Many Accidentally Lose

solo rank mobile legends season 18

The most important thing that you will often encounter when playing rank at the beginning of a season that is not a full team is that you will often meet players who deliberately lose.

Whether it’s a player trolling, afk on purpose, as long as a hero picks and so on. The point is that these players intentionally lost, because the season ended still a long time ago, so for them to lose at the beginning of the season, it doesn’t matter.

Original Hero Draft

mobile legends solo rank tips

Then when drafting a hero pick, it must be careless, this has something to do with the first point or indeed the player doesn’t understand how to play properly (in the learning process).

The two things above will be very common for you to find if you do a hard push rank at the beginning of the Mobile Legends season.

So as much as possible while still early in the season you have to play a full team. Don’t forget to visit the SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow our Instagram and Youtube.