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Barbarous: Tavern Wars, GameHouse's New Cooking Management Game

Developer GameHouse is back with the second installment in their ‘Barbarous’ series and have released a new casual title called Barbarous: Tavern Wars. The game will once again follow the stories of its characters from its first installation, Barbarous: Tavern Of Emyr. The game will feature Emyr and the Barbarous Party on a time management adventure as they take on new levels and challenges.

Being a sequel, Barbarous: Tavern Wars offers a similar gameplay experience to Barbarous: Tavern Of Emyr. This is a cooking/restaurant management game and will feature various timing and precision challenges that will be set based on the story as it progresses. Special ingredients will be offered to players to work with in the game as they try to recreate the food requested by the customer in order to progress and level up to satisfy the customer.

Here there are different types of customers ranging from ordinary citizens to famous critics and players have to deliver and prepare food properly accordingly. Also, there will be bonus points earned by keeping the shop clean as part of the restaurant cleanliness. Story mode will also feature side quests with a unique story for decisions made in the game, so it’s important to note that all decisions should be taken after careful consideration and evaluation. This game will have 3 different difficulty levels to offer a more interesting experience for players.

The game begins when Paladin McArthus, a famous cook and Emyr’s rival, makes Emyr an offer he can’t refuse. As Emyr works to make his tavern the biggest of all, he realizes that he is part of a dishonest scheme where there are no clear rules dictating the world in which he struggles to make his tavern the best in the business. Meanwhile, Gwen is caught up in her ambition, realizing that she cannot leave her family responsibilities and is faced with the choice of leaving her dream or her responsibilities behind.

This game frees some levels to play and the rest must be unlocked by making an in-app purchase. This can be a one-time purchase or a subscription where all the paid titles from the developer will be free to play for players.

Overall, what appears to be a very light yet engaging game, Barbarous: Tavern Wars has what it takes to become a fan favorite game for casual players to spend idle time. The additional story mode further gives players a reason to progress through the game to satisfy their curiosity about what happens in the end.

Players can already download Barbarous: Tavern Wars via the Google Play Store and App Store.