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Baibars Rise of Kingdoms: Best and Strongest RoK Talent

The Mamluk cavalry came from Arabia. Rise of Kingdoms as a game that adopts the concept of the past kingdom, Baibars is also presented even though it is only the Epic tier. He is known as the commander in command of the great Cavalry troops.

Likewise in RoK, Baibars specializes in Cavalry units, of course. With his Conquering and Skill skills, he is also relied on to attack enemy buildings and cities in the early game, especially for F2P players.

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So what are the best Baibars talents in the RoK game? Which commander is worthy of a duet with him for a scuffle, and how do you get one? Please read to the end.

Tips for Playing Baibars Rise of Kingdoms

Sandstorm Skill: Deals massive direct damage to enemies in a forward-facing fan-shapped area (maximum 3 targets) and reduces the current target’s running speed for the next 2 seconds.

Arabian Knights Skill: Before you upgrade this or unlock Baibars’ passive skill, make sure the active skill “Sandstorm” is maxed out to level 5. This skill is quite simple and easy to understand. Because it will only increase the Cavalry attack bonus by 20%.

No Escape Skill: When attacking a city, normal attacks have a 100% chance to reduce Garrison’s Attack and Defense. Garrison is the army that defends the city. Their attack and defense will decrease by 7% at max level.

Best Baibars RoK Talent Build

If you are an F2P friend, it is not recommended to use Baibars to attack enemy cities. On the other hand, fighting in the open field using Baibars is actually recommended because it can get a lot of points. Use the following build of course.

best talent baibars skirt indonesia

Here are the best Baibars RoK talent guide options for those of you who focus on the Skill path first. What he did would really increase the Rage Regeneration quickly for Baibars.

Also check the red nodes after you fill in all the blue nodes. First you have to reach Rejuvenate talent because of that because it will immediately return 20 rage every time he uses a skill. And you will also get 3 rage for every normal attack from Burning Blood talent.

Combo Pair The Strongest Baibars Commander Pair

Baibars – Belisarius : Combination of Cavalry commanders who prioritize defense and movement speed (March Speed). You are free to want anyone to be the main and second commander, if you are hunting for farmers, then also read: Belisarius RoK Talent Talent.
Baibars – Cao Cao : The first thing that really came out of my mind was to use Cao Cao. I will definitely be able to use Cao Cao as the Main Commander and then Baibars as the second Commander. Baibars and Cao Cao’s March Speed ​​Reduction is very strong. Listen: Commander Cao Cao Rise of Kingdom.
Baibars – Pelagius : Pelagius already has a Cavalry buff here and also he has a healing factor so he will heal troops instantly on the battlefield and then when you leave the battlefield then you will rely on Baibars to heal lightly injured units so the situation is mutually beneficial. Can you please check: Pelagius RoK Talent Talent.
Baibars – Saladin : If you are a F2P or Low Spender and have Saladin with skill 5551, then Baibars can be an option for fighting in KvK 2 and KvK Season 3. AOE from Baibars will help add points. Check: Saladin’s Talent Rise of Kingdom.

How to Get Commander Baibars RoK

Easy to get Baibars Rise of Kingdoms. Can pass Tavern rely on Silver and Gold Key. Or through Campaign > Expedition and then wait for the Baibars statue to appear to be exchanged for medal coins.

If you play Rise of Kingdoms using Arab civilization from the start, then Baibars RoK Direct is obtained for free without requirements.