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Back to OP, These are 6 Effective Counter Heroes of Masha Mobile Legends!

Back to OP, These are 6 Effective Counter Heroes of Masha Mobile Legends!

Masha is back to being a scary hero for this season. After the latest patch update, Masha experienced significant changes that made it effective.

But that doesn’t mean Masha can’t be defeated because it turns out that these heroes are quite effective in defeating Masha.

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Masha is indeed quite thick and sick as a Melee hero, but of course the distance and several sustain heroes are obstacles for this hero. Who is Masha’s counter hero?


hero counter baxia

First there is Baxia who also gets a little buff on his 2nd skill. By reducing Baxia’s regen, it can reduce Masha’s regeneration ability, which now has less regen energy, so it will be difficult for Masha to get additional lives.


Lunox Mobile Legends

One of the effective heroes against HP thickness is Lunox, plus he can avoid attacks from Masha with his Ultimate Brilliance Order.

Masha despite being strong has an old skill CD so it can be counterattacked when she advances and fails to initiate.


The reason Belerick is used in m2
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Masha plays with basic attacks and Belerick is now very able to fight it with his passive change. He is also thick enough that it is difficult for Masha to combo one attack.

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Hylos ML

His 2nd skill will continuously do damage to Masha so that it can decrease continuously, not to mention Hylos has a stun skill and a large regen from his ultimate.


Karrie Elite skins

Just like Lunox, Karrie is able to fight heroes with thick HP. Even though he’s also thin and could be disarm. But with good skill abilities from his 2nd skill, Karrie can still fight Masha and knock out her thick HP.

Photo via UHD Wallpaper

It’s not Franco himself who can paralyze Masha, but in combination with other heroes.

But as the initiator he has a deadly suppression effect for Masha if he is in Franco’s reach.

That’s the most effective line of heroes for Masha’s counter hero according to SPIN Esports. Any other hero recommendations? Write in the comments column yes.

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