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Ayaka Genshin Impact's Re-Run Re-Run Banner Character Leaked!

Ayaka Genshin Impact’s Re-Run Re-Run Banner Character Leaked!

After confirming a re-run on the second banner in version 2.6, Ayaka is rumored to be coming with the following rate-up characters.

This was revealed by leaker Genshin Impact via his twitter account. Of course this is good news for players who want to gacha Ayaka’s character in the new banner later.

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Ayaka’s Character Rate-Up Banner Leaked

Ayaka Re-run Banner

The three characters are Rosaria, Sayu and Razor. The three characters can be said to be quite good for certain circumstances.

Rosaria who can be a good Sub DPS Cryo and can also be in Ayaka’s party. Razor was a strong physical Main DPS before Eula. Sayu is a utility character that is good for exploration, especially for farming animals in Genshin Impact such as Lizard, Frog and others.


In addition, there is a leaked banner weapon where Ayaka’s weapon will certainly be brought back. The Mistsplitter Reforged weapon is the target of many players because of its good stats. Mistsplitter is rumored to be coming with one of Claymore’s weapons which can be said to be not quite attractive, namely The Unforged.

Seeing a leaked banner like this, will you gacha Ayaka or Mistsplitter or not? You could say there are quite a lot of traps, especially for those of you who want to target this excellent Mistspliter Reforged weapon from Ayaka.

However, because it is a leak, of course it can still change later. Let’s just wait for the official banner news from Hoyoverse a few days before this banner is released.

It will most likely be released in April 2022 to be exact on the 20th. For those of you who want this gacha banner, get ready immediately, because in less than a week it will be here.

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