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Asked to Bring in New Players, This is the Geek Fam Coach's Answer!

Asked to Bring in New Players, This is the Geek Fam Coach’s Answer!

After struggling for 8 weeks, Geek Fam ID again had to swallow the bitter pill after the team was confirmed to fail again to advance to the MPL ID Season 9 Playoff round.

This certainly extends the team’s record as a team that has never tasted the MPL ID Playoffs after struggling since MPL ID Season 4.

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This failure will certainly make Geek Fam ID have to immediately clean up to look at MPL ID Season 10 which is expected to come in the next three months.

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Make Sure It Will Be Better

MPL geek fam roster
source: SPIN Esports

One of the figures in the spotlight for the decline of Geek Fam ID is the coach, Kevin “Kyosh” Tirto, who has just served this season.

Replacing Ruben, Kyosh himself still hasn’t been able to bring out the best potential from the current roster of Geek Fam.

However, he himself promises that next season Geek Fam ID will perform better than this season.

“For sure we will be better than season 9,” said Kyosh exclusively to SPIN Esports when asked about Geek Fam’s target for the next season.

Will Do a Team Reshuffle?

Kyosh Geek Fam
source: ig @kevintirtoo

When asked about making player transfers in the coming season, Kyosh himself did not rule out the possibility.

“If the player is new or bought, there is still no discussion, but we will definitely negotiate with the management here,” he added.

This will certainly make it interesting to wait for further developments regarding Geek Fam ID in MPL ID Season 10.

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