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Asked Geek Fam Will Sell MPL ID Slots, Here's The Trainer's Response!

Asked Geek Fam Will Sell MPL ID Slots, Here’s The Trainer’s Response!

Some time ago the Indonesian Mobile Legends community was quite excited by rumors that the Geek Fam MPL ID slot would be sold.

This was first revealed by RRQ Hoshi’s flagship roster, Yesaya “Xinnn” Omega while doing a livestream on his Nimo TV.

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Suddenly the statement immediately spread widely so that not a few fans began to believe it.

Until finally the coach, Kevin “Kyosh” Tirto, clarified the information that had been widely circulated.

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Make sure it won’t be sold

Despite failing to advance to the MPL ID Playoffs again, Kyosh, who is the coach of Geek Fam ID, ensures that the team’s MPL slot will not be sold.

He explained this briefly in front of the founders of GPX, namely Donkey and Oura when asked by the two legendary figures of Mobile Legends,

“No, the point is not for sale. Preparation for next season.” Kyosh said to Donkey and Oura.

In addition, he also confirmed that he had made preparations for the new season of MPL ID which would soon arrive.

One of these preparations is to do open trial to find excellent seeds to strengthen the Geek Fam in the MPL ID Season 10 event.

With this clarification from Kyosh, of course, it is certain that Geek Fam will not sell their slots and still have not given up on the competitive scene of Mobile Legends Indonesia.

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