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Asked Are There Players Entrusted in the National Training or PUBG Mobile National Team? This is Ibn Riza's answer

Recently, Ibnu Riza gave his response when asked whether or not there were players entrusted to the Indonesian PUBG Mobile national team or national training.

When a country makes a selection to represent that country in an international arena, there will definitely be questions from the public about the presence or absence of entrusted players during the selection process.

The same thing happened in Indonesia, especially from the selection of the PUBG Mobile national team for the 2022 SEA Games.

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Regarding this, Ibnu Riza Pradipto as the National General Chairperson (Ketum) of IESPA gave his response to the issue of these entrusted players.

Ibn Riza’s Response

Through the PMPL Talk Show Season 3 Episode 1 which aired on the PUBG Mobile ID youtube some time ago, Ibnu Riza opened his voice regarding this question.

“Firstly, I’m not on the national selection team, secondly, I’ve never been there either, thirdly, do they not dare to give it to me because I’m a strict person or they have entrusted it to someone else, well I don’t know, personally I haven’t there is.” said Ibn Riza.

ibn riza pubg mobile
Photo via YT PUBG Mobile ID

Ibn Riza’s statement is broad in nature, which means that all game divisions were selected yesterday, Mas Ibnu Riza doesn’t know whether there are deposited players or not.

Because he himself is not on the national selection team which functions to select athletes to be able to represent Indonesia at the 2022 SEA Games.

So it’s clear that all of the spinners are related to the slanted issue that mentions the existence of deposited players in the National Training Center or the PUBG Mobile Indonesia national team.

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