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AS Monaco Football Club Joins in Explore the NFT Dunia World

French league soccer club AS Monaco announced that they have teamed up with Capital Block to explore the world of NFT. Hmm, it looks like they want to follow in the footsteps of Paris Saint-Germain, guys.

The existence of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) in the world of sports has indeed been used well by several football clubs in the world to get additional cash.

Seeing this opportunity, AS Monaco, which is currently competing in French Ligue 1, has also enlivened the world of digital tokens and has collaborated with Capital Block to streamline this latest innovation.

AS Monaco Collaborates with Capital Block to Develop NFT

Tim Mangnall, as CEO of Capital Block, said that his party is very happy with this collaboration. They want to introduce the world of NFT to all fans of the club and invite them to interact directly with their favorite club.

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“We are delighted to be working with AS Monaco and we are very much looking forward to starting to work with the club. One of our first goals was to introduce AS Monaco and their fans to the NFT and the best way to engage with them.” said Tim Mangnall, quoted from FFNews.

“We know the tremendous advantages of building an NFT strategy and will implement it in the coming months. We are very pleased that football clubs across Europe are starting to realize the importance of having an NFT strategy in place and knowing that those who do so will benefit in many ways, as will their fans.” continued Tim Mangnall.

AS Monaco NFT
Photo: Inside World Football

On the other hand, AS Monaco’s Vice President and CEO, Oleg Petrov, said he was very enthusiastic about collaborating with Capital Block to strengthen AS Monaco’s position in the field of digital innovation.

“We are excited about this partnership with Capital Block, which will allow AS Monaco to strengthen its position in the field of digital innovation and increase the possibilities for fans to connect with the club. Each passing day confirms the increasing appeal of NFT. Capital Block’s expertise will allow us to better understand this universe, to understand the issues associated with it and to define solid and sustainable strategies.” said Oleg Petrov.

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AS Monaco is not the first football club to decide to dive into the world of NFT. Previously, there were several top European clubs that had already dived into the sea of ​​Non-Fungible Tokens, including Paris Saint-Germain, Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​TSG Hoffeinhem and a football club from Indonesia, namely Bali United.