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AMC Theaters Officially Provides Payment Using Crypto

The official AMC Theaters cinema mobile app provides a payment method using cryptocurrency. This news has also been confirmed directly by the CEO of AMC Theaters, Adam Aron.

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. is an American cinema chain based in Leawood, Kansas. Founded in 1920, AMC Theaters is now the largest cinema chain in the world and has the largest share of the US theater market, beating out Regal Theaters and Cinemark.

The company, founded by Edward Durwood, Barney Durwood, and Maurice Durwood, often follows technological developments or trends that are currently booming in the community, for example, cryptocurrency. In fact, AMC Theater has provided a payment method using cryptocurrency in its application.

AMC Theaters Mobile Application Officially Presents Crypto in its Payment Method

Via account TwitterMeanwhile, Adam Aron, who is currently the CEO of AMC Theaters, announced that the AMC mobile application can now be used to book tickets and pay for them using crypto currency.

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From the announcement, it is known that AMC has collaborated with Bitpay, Apple Pay, Google Play, and Paypal in launching this latest innovation. To use this service, users are required to first update their application to the latest version.

Exactly as promised, AMC’s mobile app for US AMC theaters now accepts online payments using Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, and other cryptocurrencies, thanks to Bitpay. Also Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal,” wrote Aron.

Crypto AMC Cinema
Photo: Bitcoin News

as for cryptocurrency that can be used in this application are Doge Coin, Shiba Inu, and many others. Of course, this breakthrough from AMC was warmly welcomed by crypto activists in the US, who are currently increasing in number.

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Previously, on March 12, AMC Theaters also launched a payment method using crypto on its official website,

This time, AMC teamed up with BitPay to realize its wish to accept payments via BTC, BCH, SHIB, DOGE, LTC XRP, and Ether.