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Amazon CEO Andy Jassy admits he wants to sell NFT on his platform

Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy admitted that he wanted to sell NFT on his platform. He also appears to be more interested in NFT than the cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC).

Andrew R. Jassy or often called Andy Jassy is an American businessman who currently serves as President and CEO of Amazon. He has held this position since July 5, 2022, after Jeff Bezos resigned from his position as CEO.

Now, the man who was born in Scarsdale, New York, America, January 13, 1968, intends to bring a new innovation to his platform, where Jassy will sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) which will be able to be purchased by everyone.

Andy Jassy Reveals His Intention To Sell NFT

In an interview with CNBC what was done recently, Andy Jassy revealed that he did not own Bitcoin or the like. Apparently, he is more interested in NFT than Satoshi Nakamoto’s electronic currency.

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“I don’t own bitcoins myself,” Jassy told CNBC in an interview titled Squawk Box.

Jassy will never add any kind of cryptocurrency to the payment mechanism on Amazon. But he believes that the popularity of cryptocurrencies will continue to soar.

“We probably won’t be adding crypto as a payment mechanism in our retail business, but I’m sure over time you will see crypto get bigger,” he continued.

Andy Jassy NFT
Photo: eSeller365

Jassy also hopes that NFT can continue significantly.

“You know, I hope that NFT will continue to grow very significantly. I think it’s possible to put it on the platform,” said Jassy.

In an interview conducted on Thursday (14/4), Andy Jassy had time to imagine what it would be like if the e-commerce giant sold NFT. According to him, it would be very interesting if Amazon started selling NFT that focuses on digital art.

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It is known that NFT sales in 2022 were at $17.6 billion and many experts predict that this year’s NFT sales will exceed that figure. So it’s only natural that Jassy is interested in joining the NFT world through the company he currently leads.