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Alfamart Officially Explores the Metaverse World!

PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk with its business called Alfamart officially explores the world of Metaverse. Currently, his party has collaborated with the WIR Group to develop the project.

Metaverse is a form of development in the world of technology where all user activities can be done virtually. Several large companies from Indonesia have already used Metaverse to develop their business.

Not wanting to be left behind, Alfamart was finally involved in the world of Metaverse which is expected to increase the income of the retail trading company.

Official! Alfamart Enters the Metaverse World

Not long ago, PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk and WIR Group have signed a memorandum of understanding for the cooperation they will work on. The signing was attended by the President Director of PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya Tbk Anggara Hans Prawira and the Executive Chairman and Co-founder of WIR Group, Daniel Surya.

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Hans Prawira said digital technology has changed consumer patterns for shopping. Therefore, Alfamart wants to participate in the development of digital technology so that the company can continue to compete with other retail trading companies.

“Today, digital technology has brought new patterns to businesses, including changes in consumer shopping patterns that were previously unimaginable. Without adopting advances in digital technology, of course, business actors will find it difficult to keep up with developments and to continue to be in an increasingly fierce competition. Alfamart must be able to change our perspective quickly considering the acceleration of digital technology progress is very high,” said Hans, quoted from IDN Times.

Alfamart Metaverse
Photo: Technology Indonesia

“Metaverse is a necessity that will soon develop as a new place where customers can experience virtual shopping at Alfamart,” he added.

He also praised WIR Group because its track record in the digital world is unquestionable. From the way he spoke, Hans seemed very happy with this cooperation.

“WIR Group’s track record is unquestionable and we have chosen the right partner. Since 2022 Alfamart and WIR Group have also jointly innovated to develop a virtual store network called Alfamind. In fact, Alfamart and WIR Group were the first to introduce the use of Augmented Reality technology on the shelves of our stores that year, through the installation of DAV digital promotional tools,” said Hans.

With the retail connections that Alfamart has built, Daniel Surya considers this a challenge to bring Added Value to the company.

“Given that Alfamart already has a strong retail network, it is a challenge for us to bring added value with the presence of Alfamart in the Metaverse, and to be able to improve the service experience for Alfamart consumers,” said Daniel.

“We hope that the participation of retail forces in Indonesia such as Alfamart in the metaverse can encourage other sectors to be able to follow in the footsteps so as to increase a strong and diverse metaverse ecosystem,” he continued.

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Finally, he considers that his collaboration with Alfamart can accelerate the implementation of the digital economy that the government is building in Indonesia.

“On the other hand, the presence of this business power can support the acceleration of digital transformation and the implementation of the digital economy that is planned by the government to be able to prosper the Indonesian people,” concluded Daniel.