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After winning and becoming the MDL ID S5 Final MVP, this is EVOS Falah's hope

After winning and becoming the MDL ID S5 Final MVP, this is EVOS Falah’s hope

A new player for EVOS Icon, Falah, managed to become the Final MVP in MDL Season 5 after defeating Alter Ego X with a score of 3-1.

After becoming the sub-district head in EVOS Legends and never playing, a surprising decision came where Wann returned to MPL and Falah stepped down to replace his position in MDL.

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Falah has indeed changed roles to midlaner instead of Goldlaner, and this is also good news because his performance has proven to be brilliant.

After his victory with EVOS Icon, through a short interview, Falah expressed his hopes for the future.

EVOS Falah
source: ig @evos.falah

“In the future, definitely (hopefully) MDL can have bigger tournaments and be more competitive. Regarding the target for next season, hopefully it will enter the MPL (team),” said Falah.

Actually, Falah has been on the EVOS Legends roster twice, first under the name Rhapsody and the second under the name Falah. Both he failed to make his MPL debut because he was the sub-district head last season and this season.

However, proving Falah with a successful debut at MDL could be good news for the future. Hopefully next season he can appear in MPL Indonesia.

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