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After Nimo TV Closes, Doyok Says He's Ready To Reinforce Geek Fam ID!

After Nimo TV Closes, Doyok Says He’s Ready To Reinforce Geek Fam ID!

One of the livestream platforms for gamers in Indonesia, Nimo TV, has finally decided to close the game channel which has become their mainstay channel.

Quoted from Kompas Tekno, this is due to internal changes and other strategies for the Indonesian market.

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This of course causes some streamers to switch to other platforms or turn back into pro players.

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Doyok Opens Opportunity to Return to Pro Scene

Photo via GEEK Fam ID

One of the Mobile Legends streamers who has popularity on Nimo TV, Tantyo “Doyok” Aditya, is a former pro player who is now considering returning to pro scene after Nimo TV closes.

This was directly expressed by the former Geek Fam ID jungler when he was asked by Luminaire.

“I think I’m going back to the pro scene, san,” said Doyok to Luminaire.

In addition, he also revealed that he will soon return to strengthen Geek Fam ID, which is currently quite stumbling in the MPL ID event.

“At least go back to Geek again san,” he added.

Photo via Nimo TV Oura

However, this turned out to be just a joke between him and Luminaire and GPX frontmen like Donkey and Oura.

He himself finally clarified that he could not return to the competitive Mobile Legends scene.

“To be honest, I can’t (go back to the competitive scene) anymore,” said Doyok when asked by Donkey and Oura.

This is certainly not surprising, considering that he himself needs to fight hard to return to his best performance after a long break from the MPL ID event.

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