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'Eternals' Actor Barry Keoghan Arrested by Police, Here's Why!

One of the actors from the film Eternals, Barry Keoghan was surprisingly arrested by the police for violating order around the city of Dublin, Ireland on Sunday (10/4) local time.

Barry Keoghan is an Irish actor born October 18, 1992 who has starred in several Hollywood hits, such as Dunkirk, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, Trespass Against Us and of course Eternals.

Now, the 29-year-old actor is in the media spotlight because he has to deal with the Irish police due to the violation he has just committed.

Barry Keoghan Arrested by Dublin Police

According to reports from ScreenrantBarry Keoghan was detained by the police because he was involved in drunken acts in front of other people’s homes. This action he did in the country where he was born, namely Ireland.

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His actions were not threatening, but according to witness Keoghan and his friends also caused a commotion that made local residents uncomfortable and decided to report the incident to the authorities.

This news has also been confirmed by the local police who handled the incident. From the official announcement, there is a fact that Barry Keoghan carried out his action on Sunday (10/4) at around 06.45 in the morning.

Barry Keoghan Arrested by Police
Photo: MARCA

However, now the actor has been released without charge with FCN.

“Police arrested a man in his 20s for a public order offense that occurred in Clongriffin, at approximately 6:45 a.m., Sunday 10 April 2022. He was subsequently released without charge and issued with an FCN (fixed charge notice),” the announcement read.

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It is not yet known whether Marvel Studios and DC will sanction Barry Keoghan or not. Because the Keoghan and the two production houses have not provided any information regarding this matter.