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A series of FF April Season 47 Elite Pass Skins, How Many Badges Do You Need?

A series of FF April Season 47 Elite Pass Skins, How Many Badges Do You Need?

The Elite Pass Free Fire (FF) is an asset that is highly sought after by Free Fire players. That’s because when you buy it, players can get many prizes at once in one purchase.

Every month, the Elite Pass will be updated by Garena, and will be accompanied by a series of Elite Pass serial skins for that season.

The arrival of the Elite Pass Season 47 has been confirmed and players can pre-order and get a gift in the form of a head cover skin.

Titled Scrolls of Azure, Elite Pass Season 47 brings the Inktail Duchess, and Brushtail Duke bundles, as well as items with the same skin series.

However, to get each skin item, players must obtain it by obtaining the appropriate number of Badges.

Here is a list as well as badges that players need to get every Elite Pass FF April Season 47 skin!

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List of Skin Elite Pass FF Season 47

  • Get Jeep – Sky Legend at 0 badge
  • Get Azure Myth avatar at 10 badges
  • Get Faraway Fog Jacket at 15 badges
  • Get Azure Myth banner at 30 badges
  • Get Ink of the Past avatar at 40 badges
  • Get M60 – Porcelain Rush at 80 badges
  • Get Bamboo Scroll at 100 badges
  • Get Ink of the Past banner at 115 badges
  • Get P90 – Porcelain Rush at 125 badges
  • Get Scenic Pond Loot Box at 150 badges
  • Get Lotus Throne Backpack at 195 badges

Meanwhile, the two bundles that are the main prizes, Inktail Duchess, and Brushtail Duke, can be obtained after reaching 50 and 225 Badges, respectively.

However, to get these two exclusive bundles, players must buy an Elite Pass, where you have to spend 999 diamonds and immediately be given 50 badges.

In addition, you can also buy a regular elite pass for 499 diamonds, but you cannot have the two main bundles.

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That’s the list of the newest Elite Pass Free Fire skins and prizes for Season 47. Don’t forget to visit SPIN Website for other latest updates, and follow Instagram and Youtube our.