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9 Tips How to Get Videos to Enter FYP on TikTok

How to Login FYP TikTok Videos

Annoyed that your TikTok video hasn’t entered FYP yet? Take it easy, because in this review the admin will share some tips on how you need to know so that videos can enter FYP on TikTok.

We know TikTok is one of the most popular social media today. Every user is competing to create video content so that many people see it.

The more people who view the video, the more viewers, engagement and followers on their account, so that they have the potential to make money from TikTok.

One way to get a lot of video viewers on TikTok is to enter FYP (For Your Page) which is a page that presents various video recommendations contained in the prefix of the TikTok application.

Of course, with the inclusion of videos on the FYP recommendation page, the video will have the opportunity to be watched by many people. In fact, this can also make the video go viral.

Tips on how to get videos into FYP on TikTok

1. Upload Videos During Busy Time

When you plan to create and upload videos on TikTok, make sure you pay attention to the right time. Because you need to know that every application, including TikTok, has a time when active users are busy.

Based on information from the Influencer Marketing Hub, a good time to upload videos on TikTok is divided into three times, namely afternoon, evening and night.

For the day time it ranges from 12.00 to 13.00 WIB, in the afternoon between 16.00 to 17.00 WIB, and for the night time from around 19.00 to 23.00 WIB.

2. Make Interesting Videos

Making interesting videos can be considered as the basis for being able to enter FYP on TikTok. The reason is, with an interesting video, the audience will be interested in continuing to watch your video until the end (not skipping).

Of course, this also includes consideration of TikTok’s algorithm for inserting your video content into the FYP page because it will judge that the video is useful for users.

3. Follow Current Trends

The next tip is to follow current trends. Yep, you need to know that trends on TikTok always change over a certain period of time.

So, before creating video content, it would be better if you first find out what is currently trending. You can pay attention to trends by looking at which videos often appear on the main TikTok page.

By following current trends, you can increase your viewers and followers.

4. Interaction with the Audience

Interaction with the audience is also one that is very important for you to do. The reason is, by interacting frequently, automatically there will be more comments on your video.

What’s more, it also includes one of TikTok’s algorithms for retrieving videos for inclusion in FYP. Therefore, you must often interact with the audience, when someone comments.

Likewise for other users’ videos, you should also comment often. In addition to being able to establish friendships, you can also have the opportunity to get likes and new followers.

5. Use Relevant Hashtags

The next tip is to use relevant hashtags. It is important that you know that hashtags are metadata that describes the topic of content.

So, when you upload a video content, make sure you always use hashtags. However, also try to use hashtags that are relevant or in accordance with your video.

The goal, so that users can more easily find suitable video content, at the same time this can also help the TikTok algorithm easily recognize your content.

6. Use Popular Music

One of the most important elements in a TikTok video is music. You could even say that music can no longer be separated from TikTok videos. That’s why TikTok provides a wide selection of music for you to use.

What’s more, using popular music in your TikTok videos can also increase your chances of getting to the FYP page.

The reason is, the TikTok algorithm has been designed to show video recommendations to FYP people whose music tastes match your videos.

7. Create an Exciting Caption

Next, a tip so that videos can enter FYP TikTok is to create fun captions. Yep, making fun captions aims to lure people to watch your content.

In addition, this can also invite viewers to comment and react, and if you are able to get a positive reaction then of course your video rating can increase so that you have a great chance to enter FYP.

For the record, TikTok allows captions of up to 300 characters, so you need to make fun captions as short as possible.

8. Collaboration with Other Creators

One way to make your TikTok account more recognized is by collaborating with other TikTok creators. You can create content in the form of duet videos or do challenges together.

TikTok duet videos are proven to be powerful enough to increase the exposure of the video content you create. Moreover, if the results of the duet are interesting, it will bring in a lot of viewers and comments, and you even have the opportunity to get a response from the creators you invited to duet with.

9. Follow Verified Accounts

The last tip so that videos can enter FYP TikTok is to follow verified accounts or check them. For the ninth tips this may not be very effective.

However, when you have done the previous eight tips in the sense that you already have quality and interesting content, then you can try doing these tips.

When you already have interesting content, then you can follow or follow accounts that have a tick, in the hope that the ticked account has the opportunity to follow back on your account.

And if you manage to get a follow back from a tick account, it’s not impossible that your TikTok account will get popular faster and your video content will easily enter FYP.

So, those were some tips on how you can go so that video content can enter FYP on TikTok. May be useful.