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9 Best, Most Practical Android Arisan Shake Applications!

We need to maintain close ties with family or friends. Simple examples to take care of it is by holding an arisan. When you are far apart, you may find this activity difficult to do.

In fact, with the advancement of technology today, we can do various activities easily, including social gathering. We can hold arisan online by using the help of the arisan application. The function of this arisan application is to be able to determine the winner at random from an arisan.

So, there is no more reason for those of you who want to hold an online social gathering. Well, if you are interested and need the application, don’t worry, because below, BugisTekno has prepared some of the best social gathering shake applications that you can install on Android. Please see the following application.

Recommended Best Arisan Shake Application on Android

1. Our Arisan

Our Arisan Application

ArisanKita is an application for virtual social gathering with a simple design but has complete features. This application offers a simple and easy to use interface.

You can enjoy various features that are certainly useful to support social gathering activities, such as participant data. You can fill in the participant data of anyone who joins the social gathering, uniquely this application does not limit the number of participants that you can fill in.

Then, there is a social gathering history feature, so you can see the social gathering winners per period. This application does not require an internet connection, so for those who love quota, it is very suitable to use this application.

2. Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel App

The next list of applications is called Lucky Wheel. This application has a spinning wheel that can help you to draw out decisions by entering options before turning the wheel once.

You can also use the lucky wheel to play games with friends at home or to determine the winner of the social gathering. You can enter the names of the arisan members, then you lot, then a random winner will appear.

3. Decision Roulette

Decision Roulette App

Sometimes it’s better to let fate make the choices. Well, this one application can help you choose between several available options.

You can write from 2 to 50 choices in up to 20 different roulettes and use them whenever you want. You can also add an image to each selection. The image must be in png/jpg format and must be saved on your device.

The Decision Roulette app is free, easy to use and perfect for when you have to choose a place to eat, make sweepstakes or create your own challenges. You decide for yourself! Just type in the options and spin the wheel.

4. Cheerful Gathering

Cheerful Arisan Application

As the name implies, this application is deliberately designed specifically for Arisan. If previously, shaking our social gathering had to make a roll of paper that was put in a glass, then with this application you no longer need to bother with that.

You only need to enter a list of the names of the arisan participants, later this application system will work to take names at random. That way, your group / family gathering will be easier and more practical.

5. Spin The Wheel

Spin The Wheel App

The fifth social gathering application is Spin The Wheel. Not much different from other applications, where this application can select items randomly from a predetermined list that you can prepare on your Android device.

This app is useful when you need to choose things like what to eat at night or what to eat first.

6. Arisan Spin Online

Arisan Spin Online Application

The sixth choice of the best Android social gathering shake application is the Doorprize Sweepstakes. This application allows you to be able to do a lottery at social gathering or are doing door prizes.

The advantage of this application is that it has a feature that can see a list of members who have received social gathering and who have not, so you and your friends don’t have to worry anymore about remembering who has entered the lottery, because it has been recorded in this application.

In addition, this application also provides a background color change feature for each member, to make it easier to distinguish and of course to make your social gathering more fun.

7. Arisan Management

Arisan Management Application

Furthermore, the best social gathering shake application that you should also try is Arisan Management. As the name implies, this application allows you to manage various social gathering interests, both from the payment side of participants to the list of social gatherings that are followed.

Similar to the general application system, Arisan Management will also determine the winner randomly based on the list of participants that you have entered in the application.

8. Random Generator

Random Generator App

Random Generator is an application that can determine the choice of numbers randomly. Interestingly, because this application provides a variety of drawing options, such as dice, roulette, coin toss, and others.

Not only that, in this Random Generator application you can also set the draw by name, so you can determine the winner of the social gathering by entering the list of social gathering participants in this application.

9. Tiny Decision

Tiny Decisions App

The recommendation for the best social gathering application, the last choice, is Tiny Decision. This application also provides a number of roulettes and their choices that you can fill in yourself randomly or according to your heart.

Dancing again, the Tiny Decision application has also embedded a prohibition feature in multiple elections, which means that each arisan participant can only win once. Until all participants have reached the draw, then the choice can be returned.

Of course, it is very suitable for drawing social gatherings, as evidenced by using it according to your heart’s content, but not forgetting the limits or rules in the application.

Well, that was the list of recommended Android applications that you can use to determine the winner when you hold a social gathering with your friends or family more easily. Hopefully it’s useful. Thank you