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9 Best, Most Challenging Android Bike Racing Games!

Android Bike Racing Games

Want to try playing bicycle racing games? Ok, in this review BugisTekno has prepared a collection of the best bicycle racing games on Android that can be your choice. We all know that racing games are one of the most popular game genres.

Since the days of the PlayStation console, this game genre has become the choice of many people to play. If you are one of them, you must know the Downhill game, right? Now, you can also feel the excitement of the game through your Android phone. If you can’t wait to play, please see the series of games in the following review.

Collection of the Best and Most Exciting Bike Racing Games

1. Tour de France

Tour de France Bike Racing Game

The recommendation for the first Android bicycle racing game is Tour de France. If you want to try a new sensation in a bicycle racing game, then this game is suitable for you to play. The reason is, through this game you will play like a manager in a bicycle racer team.

You will play in managing various things, both in terms of the driver, the headquarters of the racer team to the bicycle mechanic. So, everything you manage will determine the survival and success of your cyclist team.

Meanwhile, this game also provides online features. This means you can play with friends or other players and pit your bike team’s abilities against each other. Of course, it is very exciting and fun, especially there are many online match events available that you can participate in.

2. Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX Bike Racing Game 2

The second recommended Android bicycle racing game is Mad Skills BMX 2. From a gameplay perspective, this game offers a bicycle racing game with camera shots from the side by crossing a bumpy track. Although the gameplay looks so simple, this game is still able to give you an exciting sensation.

Not only that, Mad Skills BMX 2 also provides a customization feature, where you can upgrade your bike so that the jump is higher and the speed is faster. What’s more, there are lots of challenges from evil bosses who have very fast bikes.

3. Stickman Bicycle Stunt Tracks

Stickman Bicycle Stunt Tracks Racing Game

The third-choice Android bike racing game is Stickman Bicycle Stunt Tracks. For those of you who are looking for a bicycle game to fill your spare time, this game can be an option. As the name implies, this game features a stickman character who rides a bicycle. Even so, this racing game is also quite adrenaline.

In the game, there will be various obstacles on each track of the race track, such as an incline or a narrow track. You must be able to go through the trajectory quickly and precisely, because there is a time limit that is chasing you.

4. BMX Freestyle Extreme 3D

Freestyle Extreme 3D BMX Bike Racing Game

If you like freestyle in cycling then this one game is worth a try. The reason is in this game, in addition to the sensation of racing you will also enjoy the thrill of freestyle in cycling. Moreover, there are various game modes that you can play, namely arcade mode, skate mode and free run.

Meanwhile, there are also many freestyle tricks that you can play, ranging from somersault tricks, slides, grabs, wall rides and many other tricks. The better you are at playing freestyle, the more points you can get.

5. Bike Mayhem

Bike Mayhem Bike Racing Game

The fifth best Android racing game is Bike Mayhem. For those who like cycling, one of the tracks that are quite liked and test the adrenaline is going down a steep hill. Well, through this game you will feel the sensation of excitement.

Where in the game, you will play riding a bicycle quickly down the hill while maintaining the balance of the bicycle so as not to fall. Meanwhile, there are many obstacles that you have to face, such as bumpy hills, cobblestone roads, tree roots, and much more.

In addition, there are more than 100 race tracks available from real-world locations which are certainly enough to make gamers’ souls vibrate. You can also unlock equipment items and tune your bike to make it faster, more agile, and more stable.

6. Mini Bikers

MiniBikers Bike Racing Games

If you are looking for a bike racing game that is quite unique and funny, then MiniBikers is right for you to play. This game presents pretty interesting graphics with small characters and vehicles so you won’t get bored playing it.

There are three different game modes, ranging from tournament mode, seasonal, to online tournaments where you can play with friends to test your skills. Apart from that, you can also upgrade your bike to stay ahead.

7. BMX Boy

BMX Boy Bike Racing Game

In terms of gameplay, this racing game can indeed be quite simple, but super fun. You only need to press two buttons, namely walk and jump to ride your bike.

Even so, this game can also make you curious if you have reached a high level of difficulty. Because of course it will be increasingly difficult to pass the available tracks. you will find it increasingly difficult to pass the available tracks.

8. Bike Rush

Bike Rush Racing Games

The next recommendation for bicycle racing is called Bike Rush. For this one bicycle racing game, the gameplay looks quite simple, you only need to move while moving right and left to avoid obstacles.

However, as the distance from the race track you have passed, the speed of your bike will also get faster. The goal of this game is that you need to collect as many points as possible by surviving so as not to fall even though the speed of the bike is very fast.

9. Fearless BMX Rider

Fearless BMX Rider Bike Racing Game

Furthermore, for this Fearless BMX Rider game, it provides the most immersive and dynamic bicycle gaming experience. You will experience riding a mountain bike like a pro rider to perform complex stunts on two wheels.

Meanwhile, in this game there are also missions that you must complete in a limited time. Moreover, the graphics side of the game is also stunning so you can also enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.

Well, that was the review regarding the list of the best Android bike racing games, the most exciting and of course challenging the BugisTekno version. If you are curious to play, please download the game via the link provided. Enjoy.