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9 Best Money-Making Games, Up to Millions of Rupiah!

List of Best Money Making Games

Want to play games that can make money? Take it easy, because in this review, the admin will review a list of the best money-making games that can give you up to millions of rupiah.

Yep, we all know that now is the time to play games. Wherever we go, of course we always meet people who tilt their cellphones which is a sign that they are playing games.

In the past, playing games was seen as bad because it was just a waste of time, in today’s modern era, besides entertaining games, it is even a source of income for many people.

In fact, even the government has responded positively, because the game industry has contributed quite a lot in improving the economy. Therefore, it is not wrong if you use games as a source of income.

It’s just that, not all games can make money, there are even some that cheat or scam. Therefore, this time BugisTekno helped by collecting some of the best money-making games that could be a reference for you. Immediately, please listen!

List of Android Games That Can Make Money

1. Growtopia

Growtopia Games

Growtopia is a game made by Ubisoft. This game presents very simple graphics, but in terms of gameplay, you can explore many things. Playing like farming, planting seeds then harvesting the crops and then selling them to other players.

In Growtopia you can interact directly with players around the world. You can chat, buy and sell goods, and work together with the aim of getting world locks. There are so many things you can do in this game with the aim of getting a world lock.

This world lock is a valuable item to use as a transaction tool, so when you want to buy in-game items, you must have a number of world locks as a medium of exchange. When you already have a lot of world locks, you can later sell them for real money.

2. Arcane Legends

Arcane Legends Games

Arcane Legends is a type of MMORPG game developed by Space Time Studio. This game also presents a fairly simple graphic quality but the gameplay is still fun.

Like other RPG games, you will play fighting against evil enemies, requiring a variety of strong items to fight stronger enemies. The fun is, you can play with friends to form good cooperation to conquer existing enemies.

Every time you go through an area, you can get gold which you can later use to buy items. Amazingly, this game provides a trade feature that makes it easier for players to transact gold and items.

After collecting a lot of gold, you can sell it for real money. All you have to do is offer it to other players through the arcane legends facebook group. But you need to be careful with fraud, so if you want transactions, use the services of Midman to be safe.

3. Higgs Domino

Higgs Dominoes Game

The next money-making game is Higgs Domino. This game is one of the most popular today that many people play to make money. There are many types of games, from card games to slots.

To be able to earn money from this game, you can play slot games by relying on daily chip donations. When you manage to collect a lot of chips, you can sell the chips to the counter or through online services.

In addition, you can also collect RP points which you can later exchange for pulses. To get RP points, this is perfect for those of you who are good at playing cards such as dominoes, rummy and others.

4. Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends Games

Who doesn’t know the Mobile Legends game, the most popular MOBA game in the world. To earn money from this game, you must always enter tournaments and win. If you manage to win, then generally you will get a reward in the form of diamonds.

Well, this diamond is what you can exchange for skins and then sell them to other people by using the gift skin feature. Moreover, now there are so many Mobile Legends game communities, of course big tournaments are always held and this is a big opportunity for you, especially for those who have talent.

In addition, many people also play this game while making gameplay videos as content on YouTube. Then, later you can get money from YouTube adsense if the video has been watched a lot.

5. Blockman Go

Blockman Go Game

The next recommended game that can make money is Blockman Go. Well, for this game it presents the adventure genre in which there are various types of mini games that you can play.

Interestingly, this game also provides a feature where each player can interact with each other so that it is possible to establish cooperation or transactions between players.

Although in terms of appearance this game is quite simple, but you will find your own excitement after playing this game. Moreover, the characters that are played can also give the style as desired.

6. Toram Online

Game Toram Online

Toram Online is one of the MMORPG genre games that you can play on your cellphone or computer. In this game, you will play a character and run the quest until the end.

To complete the quest, you need to strengthen your character with equipment that you can get by buying it using Spina. So, Spina is the currency in the Toram Online game.

In addition to buying in-game items, you can also trade Spina with real money later. To get Spina you have to farm in certain locations and also from the results of completing quests.

7. Island King Pro

The next recommendation for the best money-making game is Island King. This game also allows you to get money which you can later disburse directly to DANA, OVO, GoPay or other e-wallet.

In order to earn money, you must complete in-game tasks, such as sending invitations, watching videos and inviting friends. After successfully inviting friends to join, you will get some money that you can immediately withdraw.

In addition, Island King also presents an exciting game where you will compete with other players to create a good island.



Seeing the name of this game, of course, in your mind it will lead to the meaning of lazy to move, right? Yep, that’s right, this game will make you lazy to move because you are addicted to playing with the available gift offers.

The prizes that you can get from playing this game are in the form of vouchers or credit. Based on the description of the game, the game to get prizes in this game is not a matter of hockey, but you will compete in agility with other players.

Moreover, in this MaGer game there are various game modes that you can play.

9. mGamer

mGamer Games

The list of the best money-making games that is the last list in this review is mGamer. Yep, for those of you who like to play Free Fire or PUBG and want to get UC or Diamond prizes, you should try this game.

The reason is, through this game, the income you collect can also be directly exchanged for Diamond Free Fire or UC PUBG. Not only that, you can also withdraw the money via PayPal.

Then, to make money from this game, you only need to collect coins which you will later exchange for real money. Then there are various ways to get points, ranging from playing games, watching videos, filling out surveys and much more.

Well, that was a list of some of the best money-making Android games that you can try. Some of the games above, the admin has also played and managed to get a decent amount of money for snacks. So, what are you waiting for, let’s play now.