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9 Best Drag Motorcycle Racing Games on Android, Very Exciting!

Best Drag Motorcycle Racing Game

It is undeniable, racing games are also one of the most popular types of games. The proof is, now there are many kinds, ranging from car racing games, motorcycles, bicycles to horse racing.

So for now, if you are looking for racing games, especially drag motorbike racing, below, BugisTekno has prepared several lists. Of course, it is very exciting and can be a filler of spare time. Let’s look at the following list.

Collection of the Best Drag Motorcycle Racing Games on Android

1. Moto Rider GO

Game Moto Rider GO

The recommendation for the best drag motorbike racing game, the first choice is Moto Rider GO. On the Play Store version, this game has reached more than 100 million downloads. This indicates that Moto Rider GO is liked by many people.

In terms of gameplay, you will experience driving a motorbike at high speed on a straight track, while trying to avoid other vehicles. Of course, it is quite exciting and challenging, especially since this game has brought 3D visual graphics so that it looks more realistic.

2. Indonesia Drag Bike Racing

Game Indonesia Drag Bike Racing

As the name implies, this game is made by the nation’s children. If you are familiar with or have a hobby of drag motorbike racing for a long time, maybe this game will make you remember the past.

The reason is, this game presents a drag racing game that is identical to the +62 residents, where the available motorbikes are the same as the types of motorbikes that are usually used to drag in villages.

Like Satria, Ninja, Mio motorbikes that have been modified. Even though the gameplay is quite simple, with the unique design and various choices of motorbikes, it will certainly make you more integrated with this game.

3. Drag King

Drag King Motorcycle Racing Game

The next game is Drag King. In terms of gameplay, Drag King is quite simple, you only race on a straight track with a length of 201 meters. Your job is just to raise the gear properly so that the motor goes fast.

Then, for other features, this Drag King game also provides a wide selection of motorbikes and customization features that you can adjust according to your strategy in drag motorbike racing.

4. Top Bike: Street Racing

Top Bike Street Racing Games

One of the drag motorbike racing games that you should also try is Top Bike. Now for this game, in terms of graphics it carries HD quality, of course this will make the sensation of the game even more exciting.

Then, the gameplay is also almost the same as drag games in general, namely by playing with the right gears. But not only that, the customization features available in this game are quite complete.

You can explore many things, both in terms of motor body design or for speed settings. Moreover, there are more than 79 choices of modified motorbikes that you can use.

5. Wheelie Challenge

Game Wheelie Challenge

If you are more interested in drag racing games by facing various obstacles, then you can try Wheelie Challenge. In this game, you will play racing while maintaining balance.

It doesn’t stop there, the gameplay is also quite exciting. You can choose different types of motorbikes and do endless races. This means that the game’s trajectory will become more and more difficult as you drive, so test your prowess on how far the track can go.

6. GX Racing

GX Racing Drag Bike Racing Game

The recommendation for the next best drag motorbike racing game is GX Racing. Well, if you like animated racing games that are more unique then GX Racing is worth a try. The reason is, various types of motorbikes and racer characters are presented with mini designs.

In terms of gameplay, it is also reliable, because there are lots of features and game modes. Moreover, this game can be online so you can play with friends and compete in playing drag racing games.

7. Motorcycle Racing Champion

Game Motorcycle Racing Champion

Playing the game will feel less interesting if there is no challenge. Yep, for this one game you will find a challenge by going as fast as possible so as not to get caught.

Meanwhile, you also have to avoid other vehicles along the road quickly and precisely so as not to fall. In addition, there are also various mini game modes and customization features that you can customize to your liking.

8. Blocky Moto Racing

Blocky Moto Racing Game

Next, the motorbike racing game that can be an option is Blocky Moto Racing. In terms of gameplay, it’s also not much different from the previous game, you will cross the road quickly while avoiding other road users.

Meanwhile, in terms of graphics and animation, this game is more cartoonish, of course, children generally will like the animation of this game. What’s more, there are various interesting game modes.

Starting from the race mode, where you have to drive as fast as possible and survive for a long time. Demolition mode where you have to destroy as many cars as possible within the time limit. And the city mode is a casual play type, meaning you can freely drive a motorbike while traveling around the entire city.

9. Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle Rider Games

The next best racing game recommendation is Motorcycle Rider. Well, if you want to experience racing games with 3D graphics along with realistic motorcycle sounds, then you can try this game.

There are also various game modes that you can play, ranging from career mode, time system and endless. Of course, with a variety of game modes, you will not get bored quickly playing it.

Well, those are some lists of the best drag motorbike racing games on the BugisTekno version of Android. Hopefully the list of games above can help you find the game to your liking.