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9 Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games on Android 2022

Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Game

Most people now choose activities to fill their free time by playing games. In addition to entertaining, games can also be a place to have fun with friends so that they can become more intimate.

Of the many games that exist, the type of game that is good to play together is online games. However, it turns out that there are also simpler types of games that we can play with friends, namely bluetooth multiplayer games.

Of course, with this type of game, you can more easily play together, but you have to be close together. As the name implies, this game uses the bluetooth feature to connect from one phone to another.

Of course it’s fun, now for those of you who are looking for bluetooth multiplayer games on Android, BugisTekno has prepared a list. Come on!

Recommended Best Bluetooth Multiplayer Games on Android

1. Warlings 2

Game Warlings 2

The first multiplayer bluetooth game on the list is Warlings 2. This game made by 7th Pixel provides gameplay where you will fight each other with friends using various types of weapons, tactics, and dirty tricks.

In addition, there are six battlefields, a group of weapons, and a team of crack warlings to carry out combat maneuvers. To play with friends, don’t forget to first connect your Android with a friend via a Bluetooth network.

Select one phone to be the host, the other device must also turn on Bluetooth which then joins the host phone. After that you can play Warlings with friends.

2. Virtual Table Tennis

Virtual Table Tennis Bluetooth Game

If you are looking for a table tennis game to compete with friends, then Virtual Table Tennis can be an option. This game provides a bluetooth multiplayer feature so you can easily connect with friends’ phones.

In terms of graphics, this game is also quite good and pleasing to the eye. There are five types of rackets that you can choose from, as well as accessories to get different hitting effects and with different styles. With hand speed and reflex levels, you can test your prowess playing with friends.

3. Sea Battle

Bluetooth Sea Battle Games

The third choice bluetooth multiplayer game is Sea Battle. This game made by BYRIL carries the theme of fighting on the high seas, not only ships are used to fight, but there are also planes that can open fire, bombs and others against the enemy.

Provides 4 game modes, starting from Player vs Android (Bot), 2 Player to play with friends on one device only, Bluetooth Battle to play offline multiplayer, and also Online Battle to play with players around the world.

4. Indonesian Snakes and Ladders

Indonesian Snakes and Ladders Game

In childhood, we used to play snake and ladder toys on paper, now you can play with friends or family simply by connecting your two Android devices via bluetooth.

In addition, the features provided in this game are also very interesting, including the choice of appearance, animation and funny character sounds, and also you can play with 3 players at once.

5. Dual Space Battle

Game Dual Space Battle Bluetooth

Do you like to play fighter plane games? Well, if you need a combat game to play with friends, then Dual Space Battle can be your choice.

Through this game made by D4US, you can play fighter planes together with friends in outer space. Obviously quite fun and challenging with various types of aircraft available so that you don’t get bored playing this game.

6. Armored Car 2

Game Armored Car 2 Bluetooth

For those of you who like racing games to play with friends, Armored Car 2 can be your choice. In general, this game is the same as other racing games, namely that you have to be the fastest to reach the finish line.

However, this game is juxtaposed with war games, so you’ll be fighting and destroying your opponent’s cars so they can’t overtake you.

7. DUAL!

DUAL Bluetooth Games

The last choice bluetooth multiplayer game is DUAL!. If you want to prove or compete with your speed and reflexes with friends, you can try this game.

Even with a simple display and game mode, when you compete with friends, you will find the sensation of excitement. Not only bluetooth features, you can also connect with friends’ phones via a WiFi network.

8. Mad Hill Racing

Mad Hill Racing Games

Mad Hill Racing is also one of the games that provides bluetooth multiplayer features that you should try. The reason is, this game also provides exciting gameplay.

In the game, you will drive a combat car and fight with your friends. Interestingly, because there are various kinds of cars with unique designs that you can use to play.

9. Two Guys & Zombies

Game Two Guys and Zombies

The recommendation for the best bluetooth multiplayer game on the last list in this review is Two Guys & Zombies. Well, for those of you who want to play teamwork games with friends, you can try this game.

In this game, you will form a team with friends to face the zombies that have been scattered throughout the city. You have to survive by shooting zombies that want to bite you.

Well, that was the list of the best Android bluetooth multiplayer games that you can play with friends. Please choose what you want and download it for free directly via the link provided.