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9 Best Badminton Games on Android, Most Exciting!

Best Android Badminton Games

Do you like playing badminton? If so, then of course you must also try the badminton game that is packaged in an Android game. We all know that badminton is a very fun sport.

Even without a field, we can play badminton anywhere on the roadside or even in the yard. Well, if you are a badminton fan, did you know that you can also feel the excitement of badminton in a game?

Yep, now there are many games that were created with the theme of badminton. Well, for those of you who are interested in trying, this time BugisTekno will present a list of the best and most exciting badminton games that can be an option for you. For that, let’s look at the following reviews.

Recommended Best Badminton Game on Android

1. Badminton 3D

3D Badminton Games

The first badminton game that BugisTekno recommends for you is 3D Badminton. In this game there is a split screen feature, where you can play with friends on one phone screen only.

Of course it’s very fun, especially you don’t need an internet connection to play this game, it’s perfect for filling your free time with friends.

Besides that, there are also Career, Tournament, and League modes that you can play to train your reflex skills and agility in playing.

2. Badminton League

Badminton League Games

The second choice badminton game is Badminton League by RedFish Games. This game offers simple graphic effects with easy controls.

Even so, this one game provides equipment features that can support victory in playing such as rackets, balls, and others that can improve character abilities. You can also play online and compete with other players.

3. Li-Ning Jump Smash 15

Game Li Ning Jump Smash 15

If you want to feel the sensation of playing badminton that is more realistic, then try this Li-Ning Jump Smash 15 game. This game provides a multiplayer mode feature where you can also compete with friends or other players online.

Besides that, this one game also presents quite elegant graphics with various match modes that you can choose from. Prove and prepare your skills to compete with reliable players from various parts of the world.

4. Badminton Blitz

Badminton Blitz Game

If you are looking for a badminton game with realtime multiplayer features then this game can be an option. Badminton Blitz allows you to play against players around the world.

In this game, players are required to prioritize flexible strategies to defeat opponents, by offering 3D graphics and professional arena views that will complement the sensation of the game so that it is more interesting.

Not only that, various features have also been packaged in this game such as character creation that you can customize yourself, various equipment such as rackets that can increase character power and many others. Win the match and become the MVP in this Badminton Blitz game.

5. Badminton Legend

Badminton Legend Game

The fifth best badminton game is Badminton Legend developed by Enjoysport. Different from some previous games, for this one game that carries funny characters, it is very suitable to be the game of choice when you are confused.

Even so, the sensation of playing badminton is still felt. Viewed from the graphic side is also quite smooth and simple. Uniquely, each character has a super power that can be activated when the energy is full. Curious? Please try the game.

6. Badminton Lovers

Badminton Lovers Game

The next badminton game is Badminton Lovers. This game made by Unity Lover 3D provides 3 types of games that you can play, starting from career mode, warm up match and tournament.

The various game modes certainly provide different gameplay that can help you hone your playing skills. In addition, there is also Artificial Intelligence (AI) that can guide you to play correctly at the beginning of the game.

7. Motu Patlu Badminton

Motu Patlu Badminton Game

The seventh choice of the best badminton game recommendation is called Motu Patlu Badminton. For this one game, the badminton game is quite simple and simple, but still gives an exciting impression.

The available features are the selection of cute characters, easy controls, levels and others. It’s just that, this game has annoying ads, but if that’s not the main problem.

8. Stickman Badminton

Stickman Badminton Games

If you are looking for a badminton game that is quite simple but still gives an exciting impression, then this Stickman Badminton game is a must try. Yep, this one game carries the stickman character which we know is identical to the black engraving line in the form of a person.

Even so, the available gameplay is quite exciting and challenging, especially the available controls are also quite easy.

9. Badminton World Champion

Badminton World Champion Games

The recommendation for the best badminton game, which is the ninth choice in this review, is Badminton World Champion. This game is still in the experimental stage, but if you can try it.

Discussing in-game features if you don’t need to hesitate anymore. The reason is, this game will present an online feature where you can play with other players online, both single and double or 2vs2 matches.

So, interestingly this game will provide various game modes that support online features, such as tournament mode. So you can pit your skills or expertise against various players around the world.

So, those were some of the recommendations for the best badminton games that can be played on Android smartphones. Have a nice play.