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9 Best Android Crypto Money Making NFT Games 2022

Best Crypto Money Making NFT Game

Hello friends, in this article BugisTekno will share a list of the best crypto money-making NFT games on Android. But, before going into the discussion, the admin will discuss a little about this NFT game.

So, the NFT (Non-fungble Token) game is a game specifically designed to allow players to get prizes in the form of crypto coins from the results of their games.

These crypto coins can later be exchanged for real money. Of course, this is very interesting, especially for you gamers, besides your hobby of playing games, you can also benefit.

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing NFT-based games, below the admin has summarized some of the best that could be an option. Immediately, let’s look at the following list.

Best Crypto Money Making NFT Game Recommendations

1. Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena Games

Thetan Arena is an NFT-based game with the MOBA genre. In the game, you will fight against other players in real-time in an arena.

Your goal is to win and collect trophies. Interestingly, the Thetan Arena game provides various game modes such as battle royale to 3vs3 battle mode that you can play.

As you win and have collected a lot of trophies, then you are entitled to get crypto coins which you can later convert to real money.

2. RealRealm: Crypto War

Real Realm Crypto War Game

Next, the recommendation for the best crypto-generating NFT game on Android that is also good for you to play is RealRealm. For those of you who like war games, this is perfect for you to play.

In the game, you will play strategically in mobilizing a choice of types of soldiers to fight. Every time you defeat the opposing soldier, you have the opportunity to get NFT character fragments. Your task is to collect 50 fragments to be able to summon NFT characters.

You can also mobilize these NFT characters to fight and will generate Real NFT coins every time you destroy your opponent.

In addition, there are also market features that you can use to buy or sell your NFT characters. After successfully collecting a lot of real crypto, you can cash it into your Metamask wallet to be exchanged for real money.

3. Crypto Dragon

Crypto Dragon Games

Next, the crypto money-making game on the third list is Crypto Dragon. If you prefer casual games but can earn money, this Crypto Dragon game is perfect for you to try.

In the game, you only need to upgrade the level of dragon eggs by combining them. The goal is to increase your additional points which you can later use to buy higher level dragon eggs.

As the game progresses, the missions that have been accomplished will reward you with a crypto coin called Soul. You can convert these coins into real money after reaching the specified minimum limit.

4. Merge Cats

Merge Cats Game

Similar to the previous game, Merge Cats is also an NFT-based game that offers prizes in the form of Soul crypto coins. This game is also made by the same developer as Crypto Dragon.

In the game, you have to collect cats and then combine them to increase the level. The higher the level of your cat, the more points you will get. Due to the same game motive, the admin recommends that you play both games.

Because it can make you able to collect a lot of Soul coins quickly, moreover you can also connect the wallet or crypto wallet together in the two games.

5. Ninneko

Ninneko Games

One of the crypto-money-generating NFT games that you should also try is Ninneko. In terms of rating, this game also gets a pretty good rating on the Play Store as proof that this game is liked by many people.

In the game, you will play with Ninneko, a unique creature that also looks like a cat. You can later use the Ninneko to fight against the enemy.

Your main goal is to conquer every enemy and build a strong empire. Every time you win a battle, you will get crypto coins. Interestingly, because this Ninneko is also quite diverse,

So, to generate crypto from this game, you only need to mobilize your Ninneko to battle and win the game. Moreover, it’s interesting because this Ninneko also has different classes, ranging from warrior, support, mage, ranger to assassin.

6. Slime World

Slime World Games

The list of the best NFT games on Android is the sixth choice, Slime World. As the name implies, this game carries the slime character that we know as slimy toys.

In this game, you are tasked with protecting the slime world from the dark slime ghosts that attack. So, to get NFT coins in this game, you only need to strengthen your slimes by combining them and protecting the world.

The NFT token that you can get from this game is the NADA token. After successfully collecting NADA tokens, you can disburse them into your crypto wallet that has listed the token.

7. Binemon

Binemon Games

Binemon is also one of the crypto-generating NFT games that you should try. This game adapts the Pokemon game, where you can collect the types of monsters that you can later combine and strengthen.

In terms of gameplay, this Binemon game also provides a variety of game modes ranging from PvE to PvP tournaments which will be an arena to compete with other players to win prizes.

In addition, there are still many interesting features in this Binemon game, you can also adjust gear such as weapons and armor on your monsters to make them stronger.

8. Cryptopop

Cryptopop Games

For those of you who like crypto-money-generating NFT games that offer puzzle-type games, then of course you shouldn’t miss this one.

Yep, in the game, you only need to destroy similar puzzles to collect scores. Meanwhile, there is also Gwei Popcoin that you have to collect and then later you can convert it to Etherium.

It’s just that, in this game there are quite a lot of annoying ads. But, about the excitement of Cryptopop, it can really be a game to fill your spare time.

9. Bitcoin Solitaire

Bitcoin Solitaire Game

Next, the best cryptocurrency-generating NFT game that is on the last list in this review is Bitcoin Solitaire. As the name implies, this game allows you to get a certain amount of bitcoin.

In the game, you will play arranging cards from the highest ace to the lowest 2nd. As the game progresses, you will get a bonus in the form of bitcoins.

After successfully collecting a number of bitcoins, you can send them to a wallet like Coinbase. Of course, very interesting and proven based on experiences and reviews from players on the Play Store.

Well, that was a list of some of the best NFT crypto money-making games on Android that are good for you to play. The list of games above are all available on the Play Store for free and you can download them directly via the link provided.