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9 Best and Most Exciting Android Fighting Games 2022

Best Android Fighting Games

Talking about fighting games, of course you already understand. In general, the way to play this game is 1vs1 which was popular on the PlayStation console.

Although lately this type of game is dominated by MOBA and Battle Royale games, it turns out that there are still many who like fighting games as a free time filler.

Well, for those of you who are looking for this type of fighting game, here BugisTekno has collected some of the best and most exciting fighting games. Come on!

Recommended Best Fighting Games on Android Phones

1. EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC Games

The recommendation for the best fighting game, the first choice, is EA Sports UFC. This game is adapted from the UFC sport, namely the fight in the ring which is usually broadcast on television.

In terms of graphic quality, you don’t need to doubt this game anymore. Characters to the appearance of the ring will look realistic so you can feel the sensation of a very exciting fighting game.

In addition, in terms of features this game is also fairly complete. Starting from a wide selection of characters, to various game modes and events that you can play.

2. Duels: Epic Fighting

Game Duels Epic Fighting

Furthermore, the recommendation for the best fighting game that you should also try is Duels: Epic Fighting. Well, this game is perfect for those of you who are looking for a fighting game to fill your spare time because the gameplay is quite easy.

Even so, in terms of features this game is very interesting, there are lots of things that you can customize to strengthen your character in battle, from swords, helmets, clothes, shoes and much more.

What’s more, this game is available online so you can fight with other players in real-time. Of course it’s very exciting, it’s proven that this game has been downloaded a lot on the Play Store and got a good rating.

3. Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat Games

This game used to be a trend in the era of the Play Station console. If you used to like playing PS, you must have known, right? This Android version of Mortal Kombat offers outstanding HD graphic quality and is certainly very different from the PlayStation console.

This game feels more realistic in fighting so it can give you a more exciting and tense game. In terms of character, it’s not much different from the old Mortal Kombat, you can play characters like Scorpion, Raiden, Sub Zero and others.

4. Skullgirls: Fighting RPG

Skullgirls Fighting RPG Game

The next list of the best fighting games is Skullgirls: Fighting RPG. Well, through this game you can also fight with other players one by one in real-time.

Not only that, this game also provides a variety of other game modes that you can play, ranging from versus mode, story mode, prize fight and much more. There are also various characters that you can customize and upgrade to improve their abilities.

5. Shadow Fight 3

Game Shadow Fight 3

The next row of the best fighting games in the BugisTekno version is Shadow Fight 3. For those of you who like to explore the Play Store, of course, you are familiar with this one game.

The reason is, Shadow Fight 3 is one of the popular fighting games on the Play Store with total downloads that have reached more than 100 million and with a good rating. From this, of course, you don’t need to doubt this game.

In terms of graphic quality, this game will spoil your eyes with HD graphic visuals when you fight. In addition, there are also various interesting features, ranging from character customization, to easy-to-use controls.

6. Injustice 2

Game Injustice 2

For those of you who like various kinds of superhero characters, this one game is suitable for you to play. In the game, you can use various superhero characters to duel.

Of course, these superhero characters are famous characters, ranging from Superman, Batman, Supergirl, The Flash and many more. This game is officially made by Warner Bros. so you don’t have to worry about the realistic character designs.

In addition, for the gameplay side, there are also various game modes that you can play. In fact, there are also online features that will invite you to fight with other players.

7. The King of Fighters

Game The King of Fighters

Next, the recommendation for the best fighting game that is no less exciting is The King of Fighters. This game also offers stunning graphics quality. If you know the KoF Chou and Guinnevere skins in Mobile Legends, then you can also find that in this game.

In the game, there are various characters and game modes that you can play, ranging from PvP mode for duels to Co-op mode where you can work together to form a team to fight together.

8. Power Rangers: Legacy War

Game Power Rangers Legacy Wars

For children who are fans of one of the world’s hero characters, Power Rangers, this game is perfect for you to play. Yep, Power Rangers is one of the superhero films that was popular with its action of eradicating monsters who are trying to destroy the world.

Well, in this game you will feel the greatness of the various Power Rangers characters. And of course almost the same as the plot of the film, where you will fight against evil monsters.

Not only that, this game also provides an online multiplayer feature that allows you to play fights with other players in real-time. Apart from that, there are many other interesting features.

9. Karate Do

Karate Do Games

The next best fighting game BugisTekno version is Karate Do. This game is specially designed for those of you who want to play games while relaxing, because you can play with just one hand.

There are two buttons that you should take into account, namely attack and defense. In addition, you can also upgrade your heroes to increase your strength, and compete with other players to occupy the top of the leaderboard.

Well, that was the recommendation for the best fighting game, the most exciting version of BugisTekno, which of course has its own gameplay and uniqueness. It’s up to you to decide which game suits your taste.