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9 Best and Exciting Fish Fishing Games on Android Phones

For some people, fishing may be boring. Because when fishing we will wait a long time for the fish to eat the bait. However, if you have found the sensation of excitement, then waiting is not something that makes you think twice, even something interesting.

Enjoying the thrill of fishing can not only be felt in ponds or in the sea, because now there are many fishing games that you can play with a sensation like fishing for real fish.

If you want to try it, here BugisTekno has summarized some of the best fishing games on Android smartphones that could be the right choice for you.

Recommendations for the Best Fish Fishing Games on Android

1. Let’s Fish!

Fishing Game Lets Fish

The best fishing game the first choice is Let’s Fish. This game made by Ten Square Games offers luxurious graphic quality with a cool appearance so you can feel like real fishing.

There are more than 400 types of fish that you can catch, including catfish, skipjack, tuna, salmon and many more. Moreover, you can also determine the fishing location as you wish.

2. Fishing Hook

Fishing Hook Games

Fishing Hook is also one of the fishing games that you should try. The reason is, this game presents stunning graphic quality so that the appearance of the ocean and the fish you fish look realistic.

In the game, you will board a ship and be in the middle of a lake. Your job, of course, is to catch fish, although there are also challenges where you have to predict the right time to lift the fishing line.

Because if not, the fish has the opportunity to escape from the hook, especially for large fish. Of course it is very exciting, as evidenced by the total downloads of this game which has reached more than 50 million downloads and with a good rating.

3. Fishing Clash

Fishing Game Fishing Clash

For those of you who want to complain about your fishing prowess with friends, the Fishing Clash game can be a very fitting choice. This game allows you to duel with other players online, by calculating how big and heavy the fish you catch.

There are hundreds of different species of fish that you can catch. You can also experience fishing in world famous fisheries such as the Amazon River, Nill River and Lake Biwa.

4. Bass Fishing 3D II

Bass Fishing 3D II Fishing Game

The next recommended fishing game is Bass Fishing 3D II. This game features stunning 3D graphics in an easy and fun way to play.

You can ride a boat and track the whereabouts of fish using a sonar scanner. Not only that, there are also various river locations with beautiful views.

5. Fishing Paradise 3D

Fishing Paradise 3D Fishing Game

The next best fishing game is Fishing Paradise 3D. This game allows you to create a fish farm. Various types of fish species are available for your collection, you need a little skill to catch rare fish.

In addition, there is also a multiplayer tournament mode to pit your fishing prowess against other players around the world.

6. Monster Fishing

Monster Fishing Fishing Games

Want to feel the excitement of catching big fish? If so, then this Monster Fishing game can be an option for you. This game presents realistic 3D graphics so that it makes your fishing sensation even more exciting and fun.

What’s more, you don’t need an internet connection to play. Various locations, fish species and fishing gear are also available in this game that you can customize to your liking.

7. Rapala Fishing

Rapala Fishing Games

The next best fishing game is Rapala Fishing. This game presents interesting gameplay and features where you will feel like a real angler.

In terms of graphics, this game also offers quality 3D graphics that will make the fishing sensation even more exciting. Meanwhile, there are also 24 choices of different locations and various species of fish that you can catch.

In addition, it’s even more interesting because this game provides online features that allow you to take part in online tournaments to compete to become the largest fisherman with other players around the world.

8. The Fishing Club 3D

Game The Fishing Club

The eighth choice of the best fishing game recommendation is The Fishing Club 3D. This is also one of the fishing games that you should not miss.

The reason is, in this game, it prioritizes social features where you will be met with other players who also like fishing. You can form a club to play together to join the available competitions.

9. Ace Fishing

Ace Fishing Games

Ace Fishing is a fishing game that is rich in features in it. You will feel the sensation of a more complete fishing game, because this game is combined with the adventure genre.

In the game, you will feel like traveling the world fishing for various species of fish. Of course, you must first pass various challenges to be able to continue the journey.

Of course, it’s very exciting, in terms of graphic quality, you don’t need to doubt it anymore. The controller system has also been packaged very well so you will be addicted to playing.

Well, that was a list of some of the best and fun fishing games that you can play on your Android smartphone. Have a nice play.