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8 Interesting Facts About Moon Knight, Check Here!

The following 8 interesting facts about Moon Knight you must know, guys, before watching the full movie, which you can watch on the Disney+ platform.

Marvel does not stop making films to pamper its fans. After the successful release of the Spider-Man: No Way Home film, now the American company will release a new superhero film entitled Moon Knight.

This film is directed by Mohamed Diab and stars several Hollywood actors. In this series, there are some interesting facts that you must know about superheroes who are said to have experienced dissociative identity disorder this.

Curious? Here the SPIN team provides a summary for you.

8 Interesting Facts About Moon Knight

1. Real Identity

Moon Knight Facts
Photo: The News Fetcher

Moon Knight’s real name is Marc Spector. According to Marvel, he is physically tall, skilled in boxing, and is able to speak different languages.

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At first, he had been a CIA agent. However, he suddenly changed course and recklessly became a mercenary. In fact, he had participated in actions to overthrow the government.

2. Experiencing Betrayal

He once carried out a mission in Egypt and met a terrorist named Bushman. Instead of being friends, Bushman betrays Spector and leaves him alone.

Bushman also had an operation, but his action was thwarted by Spector, then he decided to return to the United States and change his identity to Moon Knight.

3. Has the Power of the Moon

Moon Knight Facts
Photo: QuVer

In addition to having martial arts skills, he can also strengthen himself with the magic power in his body. He is also increasingly difficult to beat when there is a full moon and can see the future that will come.

Then, he is also able to absorb energy and power from others in just one touch. It’s really cool, guys.

4. Have Multiple Personalities

Furthermore, he is claimed to have two distinct personalities. This had a huge impact on his life and he often suffered from depression.

However, he is lucky to be helped by his girlfriend, namely Marlene Alaurune, a child of an archaeologist who was killed by the terrorist Bushman, while Marlene and Spector were still in Egypt.

All the time, Marlene helps Spector to be emotionally stable and not depressed, because Spector has psychological problems that do not improve.

5. Moon Knight’s Main Enemy

Moon Knight Facts
Photo: Pinterest

As mentioned earlier, the main enemy of Moon Knight is a terrorist named Raoul Bushman. Initially, Bushman had led troops in Sudan, after that he became president in Burunda.

Another antagonist role is Black Specter. Then, there is also Lord Khonsu who is sometimes present which makes Moon Knight mentally disturbed.

6. Often Kills His Enemy Sadistically

Moon Knight is known as a very sadistic character. He proved this when he killed his enemy using his flagship weapon, the crescent dart.

He brutally tore the face of his enemy very brutally and mercilessly. With this fact, it is certain that Moon Knight is increasingly feared by his enemies.

7. Place Background

In the trailer released by Marvel, it is clear that this film uses a location in the city of London. Besides London, Egypt will also be the setting for the film Moon Knight.

8. Bring in Legendary Actor Ethan Hawke

Moon Knight Facts
Photo: Slash Films

Yep, it’s been confirmed that Ethan Hawke will be present in the Moon Knight film. However, it is not clear what character he will play in the film. According to some sources, he will be Arthur Horrow, which we certainly have seen in the comic version.

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That’s it guys, 8 interesting facts about Moon Knight. Of the 8 points above, which points surprise you?