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7 Tips & Tricks to Win Playing Magic Chess, for Beginners!

Tips for Playing Magic Chess

Hello BugisTekno friends, wherever you are hopefully in good health always, so on this occasion the admin will share tips & tricks to win playing magic chess for beginners so that you can be more knowledgeable and good at playing.

Yep, if you’re tired of push rank and you’re just losing because you’re playing solo and you don’t have any new friends, then magic chess is the right escape game.

Especially for solo players, magic chess does not require us to play with friends to form teamwork to win, but only our individual strategy in playing that determines the winner.

So, if you want to rely on your individual strength, then magic chess mode is the right choice. In the magic chess game, we will compete against 8 players at once, with the last point system standing, he wins.

Well, for those of you who are interested in playing magic chess and want to explore it, here the admin will share some tips and tricks for playing magic chess so you can win easily and can penetrate mhytic. Oh yes, currently there are many tournaments for magic chess.

Tips & Tricks to Win Playing Magic Chess

1. Choose the Right Base Hero

When you start playing, you will choose one of the available hero images. Well, this aims to plan what combos you will make later.

For example, for a belerick image, it means that you will plan to make a Guardian or Nature Spirit combo which is a synergy that the hero has.

After you choose, you will randomly get a hero from one of these synergies, be it a hero from the Guardian synergy or Nature Spirit. So, make sure you choose the base hero correctly when you start playing.

2. Refresh Hero Wisely

For each round, you can buy a hero from 5 randomly selected heroes. If there is no hero you need, there is a refresh button to change the choice of the hero.

It’s just that refreshing the hero also requires 2 gold, so you need to do it wisely so you don’t run out of gold.

For tips, try at the beginning of the game you don’t have to refresh the hero, you collect your gold at least 20 first. Because saving a minimum of 20 gold will give you more gold each round.

3. Activate the Synergy of Each Hero

While the match is going on, try at the beginning of the game you prioritize activating the synergy first. Of course, by activating synergy, your hero will get additional power effects from synergy.

For example, for Abyss synergy, all your heroes will get an additional attack speed effect. Likewise for other synergies that have different additional power effects.

4. Choose the Right Equipment

Every time you enter a bonus round such as a fate box or forest monster, you will have the opportunity to get equipment randomly.

Try at that time, you take equipment that matches the hero you are using. Basically, equipment damage is divided into two, namely magic damage and physical damage.

So, if you use a hero who generally attacks with physical damage like marksman, then of course you take equipment with physical damage.

5. Don’t Focus on Raising Hero Stars

Raising the hero’s star is also of course a factor that can strengthen the hero. It’s just that, you don’t need to focus too much on raising hero stars, especially at the beginning of the game.

As the match progresses, you will also get additional heroes to increase your hero’s star. And what you need to understand too is that each hero has a different rarity level.

That is, when you start playing certain heroes, you can’t even get them even if you refresh. So, try not to focus on raising the hero’s star. If it appears in the shop, it doesn’t matter if you buy it, but if you look for it with a refresh, you shouldn’t.

6. Create Synergy Combos

if the third tip is to activate synergy, then in this tip it is to make a combo of synergy. The point is that you will activate 2 or 3 synergies to produce a combo.

For example, you create a marksman and abyss synergy. Basically, the strength of the marksman synergy is to increase the attack distance and reduce the opponent’s defense.

By activating additional abyss synergy, all your marksman heroes will also get an additional attack speed effect, so they will attack quickly while reducing the opponent’s defense (penetration).

Well, that’s what a synergy combo is, when you manage to activate two or more synergies simultaneously. Moreover, you can also add a fighter synergy that can give a healing effect for each hero.

Of course, by making combos, your hero will be stronger and easier to win the game. However, choosing a synergy should not be arbitrary, you also need to know what additional effects from each synergy are suitable for you to combine.

7. Arrange Hero Placements

Each hero has a different type and style of attack, there are those that attack long distances as well as close range. Likewise with the level of immunity, of course you also have to pay attention to this.

So the correct arrangement of the hero positions, is that you save the thick heroes on the front and the heroes who are far away at the back.

In addition, you also need to know the synergy that each of your opponents uses so that you can arrange the right formation. So, you have to check often, for example, if the synergy used by your opponent is mostly assassins, then you should place your heroes huddled together in the back corner.

The goal is that the heroes who are far away from you are not easily entered by assassins. On the other hand, if your opponent uses a lot of splash heroes like combo mages, then make a distance formation.

Well, that was a review of tips and tricks to win playing magic chess for beginners that you need to know in order to play well. Hopefully it’s useful and if you’re happy with this article, don’t forget to share it, thank you.