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7 Tips to Become a Pro Player in Mobile Legends in 5 Minutes!

Tips to Become a Pro Player in Mobile Legends

Want to become a pro player in Mobile Legends in 5 minutes? Come on, take a look at this review. Yep, Mobile Legends is a strategy game where we will play 5vs5 prioritizing teamwork to win.

Even though when in the game, there are 4 people in the team who are good, but one of them is a noob or a burden, so that can cause the team to lose.

Therefore, we need to learn a lot and know some tips so that we can play well and correctly. Well, in the following, BugisTekno will review tips on becoming a pro player in Mobile Legends based on the results of personal analysis. Come on, let’s look at the following review.

Tips to be a Pro Player in Mobile Legends Game

1. Consistently Mastering One Hero Job

One of the things that often causes noob Mobile Legends players is because they use heroes that they don’t control. Well, for that you have to be consistent in using heroes with the same job, because that will make you understand and be able to master the hero.

For example marksman, when you are happy with the marksman hero, of course you will get into the habit of practicing keeping your distance from your opponent’s position, so you don’t get scooped up. So, when suddenly you play a job tank, this habit can happen where you also make the same as when you are using a marksman which will actually make your team fall apart.

Even though the job tank certainly has to be at the forefront to protect the team and is very much the opposite of the job marksman. Therefore, you must focus on mastering only one hero job, so that you can understand and play better.

2. Always Pay Attention to the Map

As the game progresses, you must always pay attention to the map and see the movement of the positions of your teammates and enemies. There are many benefits when you pay attention to the map often, one of which is so that you are not easily caught.

For example, if you are in charge of filling the side lane, if the enemy on the map is not visible on the mid lane then be careful, because you could be the one who will be ganged by the enemy. In addition, often paying attention to the map can also give you the right timing, both when joining the fight team and stealing lords or turtles.

3. Follow Teammate Suggestions

One of the things that makes you not a pro player is not wanting to hear what your teammates have to say. Logically no one wants to lose, all the advice given by a teammate must be the best for you.

Suppose you are told to retreat or defend, but you still walk forward and don’t want to listen, then that can cause you to be picked up by your opponent. Maybe you didn’t see it on the map but a teammate who suggested you saw it was heading your way.

4. Eliminate the Enemy Forest Monsters

Taking jungle monsters or opposing jungle might not be easy, but if there is a chance then do it. Because this really supports your team’s gold acquisition to be superior to your opponent, so the items you have can be stronger to face the team fight.

5. Recall when the blood is thin

One of the mistakes I usually find when playing Mobile Legends is fighting to the death. Maybe there is a point, but if you still have a chance to escape in thin blood then leave the war. Because it’s just a waste of time that actually makes you die and increases the opponent’s gold acquisition.

It would be nice, when the blood is thin and still has time to escape, then just run away. Don’t try to stay to steal kills, that’s a sign you don’t trust your teammates.

Including when guarding the turret, if indeed your blood is thin, you should just leave the turret, what you prioritize is keeping yourself alive so that the enemy does not get gold.

6. Try not to be a feeder

This seventh tip has something to do with thin blood, yep, getting used to the discipline of following the sixth tip will automatically make you fulfill these tips. Feeder is a very bad behavior in mobile legends, because it is very detrimental to the team and makes it difficult for us to win.

So, back again to try not to be a feeder, make sure you take care of yourself and consider better if you want to advance or attack the enemy. Be aware of what hero role you are using. If you are a hero with thin blood, then prioritize your distance from your opponent, so you don’t die right away.

7. Lock Enemy Thin Hero During War

Many Mobile Legends players also ignore the available lock hero function. Even though this function is very helpful, especially when the war takes place. Lock hero is a way so that during war we can attack certain opponents.

For example, when there are 3 enemy heroes that are close together but because we lock a certain hero, we will ignore the other heroes. This is one of the keys to becoming a pro player, namely being good at locking the weakest heroes during the war, such as mage, marksman, support.

So, during war, you just ignore the opponent’s tank hero and focus on targeting the opponent’s core hero who has thin blood. Because if you manage to subvert the opponent’s core hero, then the remaining tanks will be very easy for you to conquer.

Well, those were some tips on how to become a pro player in playing Mobile Legends, hopefully the tips above can improve your skills, knowledge, playing techniques. Hopefully useful and happy playing.