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7 New Features in Instagram DMs, Exchanging Messages is More Fun!

Instagram brings 7 new features that you can find in the DM (Direct Message) menu. This way, the activity of exchanging messages with your friends is even more fun.

As we both know, on Instagram there is a menu called DM which serves to send messages to fellow Instagram users.

Unfortunately, the menu does not have qualified features so that the appearance of the DM is quite ordinary and does not attract attention. Instagram users have also complained to Adam Mosseri.

Hearing these complaints, Mosseri immediately moved quickly by presenting a series of new features that would be embedded in the Direct Message menu.

“Messaging is one of the main ways people connect online today. Instagram needs to embrace the fact that messaging is the primary form of communication,” Mosseri said.

No half-hearted, Mosseri immediately brought 7 features at once which have become available in the DM menu. What are you? Curious? Here SPIN provides a list quoted from TechCrunch.

7 New Features in Instagram DMs

New Features of Instagram DM
Photo: XDA Developers

Music Sharing: You can now use Instagram DMs to send a music clip, because it has collaborated with Apple Music, Amazon, and Spotify.

Reply While Browsing: If you are busy browsing and there is a message that suddenly comes in, you can immediately reply to it without having to close the browser window that you are currently opening.

Quick Send: With this feature, you can share a post with four of your friends by pressing the share button.

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Status: Now, you can also see a row of your friends who are online, you know. Friends who are online will see a green icon at the top of their inbox.

Silent Messages: You can use this feature to send a message to your friends, without disturbing them. You only need to add “@silent” so that the message you send becomes silent.

Lo-Fi Chat Theme: If you want to have a more private chat experience, you can use this feature, guys.

Poll: As the name implies, Polling is a feature where you can use it to vote in group messages.

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To be able to use these features, you must update to the latest Instagram DM version. Especially for the music sharing feature, chat themes, and quick-send can be used before you update to the latest version.