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6 Ways to Fix Android Vibrate Missing Not Working

How to Fix Android Vibrate Missing Not Working

Vibrations that are lost and not working can be overcome with the following tips. We know that the vibration on Android is very useful in several ways, such as when there is a call, an incoming sms, or other things.

It is clear that the Android vibration is also very important, especially when you are storing your cellphone in your pants pocket, with the vibration, you can know that there is an incoming call or sms.

For that, if you experience the Android smartphone vibration is missing or not working, then just take a look at the following reviews.

Causes of Vibration not Working

Before entering the discussion on how to solve it, you must first know the cause of the Android vibration not working.

Usually the cause of the vibration does not work because you have rooted or replaced the default ROM with a custom ROM. In addition, it is also usually due to damage to the Android operating system or hardware.

How to Fix Missing Android Vibrate

1. Android Vibration Test Via Secret Code

To find out the reason why the Android vibrate function is missing, you can check through the secret code #0#. Through this code, you can test whether your smartphone can vibrate or not by pressing the Vibration menu.

If not, it means that there is a problem with your Android hardware. This code works for Samsung cellphone brands, and if you have tried the code but it doesn’t work, you can search for the secret code specifically for your Android brand on google.

2. Check Android Vibrate Feature Settings

Usually people think that their Android vibrate is broken and not working, but they are not sure if their vibrate feature setting is actually active. Well, for that, first make sure your cellphone’s vibrate feature is active.

To activate the vibrate feature, go to the Settings menu -> Sound and vibration -> Vibrate when ringing.

3. Clear Android Cache Files

After you have tried the two methods above but it still doesn’t work, then next you try to clean the cache files that have accumulated on Android. It can also be the cause of the vibration function not working.

To clean the Android cache, you can use a cleaner application such as Clean Master, CC cleaner or the like.

4. Turn off the Android phone and remove other components

One way to overcome the Android phone’s vibrating function is missing or not working, namely by turning off the Android phone, then removing other components such as the microSD memory, SIM card, or battery (if not a built-in battery).

Then wait a few minutes, then plug in and turn on your Android phone again. This is intended to refresh the system to restart the process so that the non-functioning functions will become functional.

5. Do a Factory Reset

If you have done all of the above, but it still doesn’t work, then the next step is to do a factory reset, which is to reset your Android phone to factory settings.

This aims to return the settings / settings to the way they were when you bought the Android smartphone.

6. Fix it at the Service Center

If you have done the above, but the vibration on Android is still not working, it means that the cause is not in your Android settings or software, but the cause is in the hardware of the vibration function itself.

So, to overcome this, it is clear that you have to take your cellphone to the nearest service center, make sure that the service center is really a service center that matches your Android smartphone brand.

Well, maybe that’s the 6 stages of how to solve the Android vibration is missing or not working. May be useful.