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6 Reasons to Choose My Account Application for Crypto Trading

6 Reasons to Choose My Account Application for Crypto Trading

Crypto is a digital asset that is now the target of investors. This is because the price is always increasing drastically from day to day. There are many types of crypto assets that can be traded, some of the most popular of which are bitcoin, etherium, and dogecoin.

If we look at the chart, the price changes of this type of crypto are very tempting. For the price of bitcoin alone is currently comparable to the price of luxury cars. Therefore, there are now more and more applications that provide crypto trading services.

Of the many trading applications, the My Account application is the right choice for trading services. Why? Please refer to the following 6 reasons for choosing my account application as the right application for crypto trading.

Here are 6 Reasons to Choose My Account Application for Crypto Trading

1. Minimalist and Simple Appearance

To choose a trading service, one that should be taken into account is the appearance. With a good display, users can feel comfortable in transactions whether they are buying or selling cryptocurrencies.

My Account application presents a minimalist and simple appearance, users can be more comfortable and make transactions easier. This application is perfect for users who just want to get into the world of trading, so they can more easily understand the flow and way of buying and selling cryptocurrencies.

2. Various Types of Crypto are Available

The availability of many types of crypto is one of the reasons for choosing the Akuku application. There are many types of crypto that can be an asset for your future.

Of course, with the many types of crypto, traders have the opportunity to make huge profits because they are able to trade various types of crypto at once.

We know that the price changes of various types of crypto are different every time, some go up while money goes down. By trading various types of cryptocurrencies, earning profits can be faster than if you wait for a price increase for only 1 type of crypto.

3. Low Transaction Fee

From my experience using various trading platforms, the Accountku application offers the cheapest transaction fees, which is only 0.1%.

Of course, with low transaction fees, you can maximize your profits in trading. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the transaction fees on each trading platform.

4. Has an Alert Feature

Not all trading service applications provide an alert feature. In fact, this feature is very important, especially for those of you who don’t have time to standby to monitor crypto market prices.

With this alert feature, the Accountku application can provide notifications on your cellphone according to the market price you specify. For example, if the current price of Bitcoin is 500 million, with the alert feature, you can notify you when the price of Bitcoin drops according to the price you set.

5. Provide Various Payment Methods

Ease of deposit is also something that is considered in determining trading platform services. In the My Account application, there are various payment methods for deposits or withdrawals.

Of course, with various payment methods, users can easily choose the one that suits them. The payment methods on my account application are Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, OVO, Dana and LinkAja.

6. Wallet Details

Wallets in trading platform services are digital wallets that provide information about the assets we own. Every trading platform generally has a wallet. However, the difference between the wallet in my account app is that it calculates the total price of the asset based on the current market price.

That way users can see changes in prices in general. If the wallet shows an increase in the value of the asset from before, it means that some of our crypto assets have increased.

So, more or less like that, which is clear from personal experience, my wallet account is quite interesting and very helpful in providing information about financial changes based on crypto assets owned.

So, those were the 6 reasons for choosing my account application as the right crypto trading platform, in addition to various good features and services, my account application is perfect for beginners who want to learn to trade.

If you are interested and want to register on the My Account application, please click this link to register. Register via the link, I will teach you tips on how to trade crypto properly and correctly.

Thus this article about 6 reasons to choose my account application as a crypto trading platform. Hopefully useful and Happy cuan.